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Metallics and the office - make it work with these strategies

29 October 2018
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The endless struggle between personal expression and corporate responsibility… While many professions give their staff free reign in terms of personal style, there are also a lot of work environments that come with strict dress and appearance codes. For women who want to experiment with hair colour, it can be a real headache to find a look that is office appropriate.  

Metallic hair colours, with popular shades like silver, rose gold and copper, are your best bet because they are arguably the most sophisticated, subtle hues for subdued workplace environments – unlike candyfloss pastels and dayglow acid shades. [link to July article 7.18.13) The appeal of acid shades and how to achieve them] But say you have a sceptical boss? How can you get your metallic hair colour and safely wear it too? Here are a couple of strategies:

Choose your shades carefully

As already noted, metallic shades are arguably most suitable for offices due to their understated nature and general closeness to natural hues. Silver appears as a more lustrous grey after all, and the same goes for copper and auburn. Stay away from obvious pinks, blues and greens and your stylish but inconspicuous look will probably be A-Okay.

Use subtle colouring techniques

Rocking up at the office one day with dark hair and arriving the next with a full head of lavender-silver locks, is guaranteed to get you noticed. However, if you integrate the colour with your normal hue using a highlighting technique like supremely natural-looking, hand-painted balayage, reactions are probably going to be different. The same goes for applying the colour only to your hair tips. For example: gun-metal on black.

The peanut butter and jelly pairing

We’ve explored this trend before but this combination of browns and berries makes the point that pairing a colour with neutral hues helps to balance out and tone down unusual shades. Go with PBJ, or a similar colour combo, and the result is an office look that is both professional and injected with vibrant personality. 

Keep it a secret

Another approach to introducing metallics – or any other colour for that matter – is to go with a “peekaboo” style. In other words, coloured sections of hair are hidden depending on your styling choice. During the day, your tresses look perfectly office-suitable, but tie them up, or part them a certain way, and suddenly your funky colour is visible. 

If you’re still struggling to decide on an approach, speak to an expert at your nearest salon.Professional stylists and colourists will be able to advise based on your specific hair type and situation.  
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