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Marigold hair is here to brighten up your life

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20 September 2018
Marigold hair is here to brighten up your life : woman with sun bright hair colour
It may be dark and cold, but the sun never has to go down on your life if you’re sporting this gorgeous, warm shade – which really took off last year during the Northern Hemisphere autumn and has been enjoying popularity with the free-spirited everywhere ever since. 

Marigold hair is here to brighten up your life : woman with short african hair dyed blonde
Part yellow, part orange, marigold is a colour that comes loaded with appealing associations. Think hearty tummy-pleasing flavours like pumpkin and mustard. Obviously inspired by the flower, marigold is also vibrantly retro. See someone with marigold hair and you may find yourself thinking of a certain flowery mattress fabric that so many South Africans of a certain generation grew up with. But only in a good way.
Marigold hair is here to brighten up your life : African curly hair dyed blonde
There are loads of benefits to marigold as a hair colour, the major one being its versatility. You can choose a dark shade, go blindingly bright, or settle on a shade somewhere in-between. This is because oranges and yellows are already naturally present in your hair, and don’t need to be removed completely as they would if you were going with a full-blown “fantasy” shade like pastel pink. You have more colour nuance to play with when it comes to marigold, and to get there your locks won’t need to be subjected to as much bleaching. 
Marigold hair is here to brighten up your life : woman with African thick curls with a pink tips
Another great thing about marigold as a shade spectrum is that it works with any hair length and curl type, from buzzcut to long, from straight to curled. It’s definitely a loud shade for attention-seekers, but women who want to incorporate it more subtly into their personal styles could also consider a marigold ombre effect, tinting your locks from the halfway point to your tips.
Marigold hair is here to brighten up your life : woman with long red hair
Whatever approach to colouring and styling you choose, it’s best to head to your nearest salon. This way you’ll be able to achieve the look with all the professional assistance and advice you need. For the record, marigold is a shade less prone to fading than many others (again because it capitalises on already-present tones and requires less bleaching), but you can follow some at-home maintenance tips to extend its lifespan. For example, wash your hair with only cooler water – as opposed to steaming hot – and use specialist colour-maintaining products like Redken Color Extend Shampoo.
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