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How to choose a lighter, brighter hair colour for your skin tone

25 September 2018
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Everyone likes to mix things up a bit every now and then in the hair department, right? Many girls, though, are wary of turning the volume up too loud when it comes to light, bright hair colours. Yes, they can be overwhelming, especially when the contrast between hair and skin is extreme. But if you use your skin tones as a guide, you can go as light and bright as you please, while still looking fabulous! 

Fair Skin

The upside to having fair skin and cool undertones is that you can chase light hair colour shades too! Think strawberry blonde highlights or a cool platinum blonde for some head-turning options. Not only are they perfectly on trend, but these light colours will also complement the pink undertones in your skin.
red/bonde hair in a bun

Medium Skin

This skin tone really lends itself to caramel, gold and copper colours, which picks up the undertones beautifully. Light ash and sandy blonde both look great on medium skin and can be toned down to look more natural by using them as highlights rather than a full-head treatment.
brunette with tonged curls

Olive Skin

Your tanned skin has warm, yellowy undertones that would certainly come to life with gold or honey-coloured highlights. Many girls also opt to dye the ends a darker coffee or auburn shade for a natural-looking ombre. 
long balayage hair

Dark Skin

Dark skin comes in a thousand different deep browns, and usually has green or combination undertones. Girls with dark skin tend to stick with safe shades of medium to dark brown, but we’re seeing more and more embracing light, caramel or honey-browns to create a striking contrast. And for those colour-lovers among you, why not give silver, purple, or even platinum blonde a try? These slick shades look amazing against such rich skin tones.
blonde curly curls
Choosing a lighter hair colour is an experiment, so try all the colours you can for your skin tone until you fall in love with one! If the colour makes you feel confident, and has you racking up the compliments, then you’ll know you’ve hit the jackpot.
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