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Five expert tips on dyeing natural hair

21 September 2018
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Dyeing natural hair for the first time can be scary. There’s the fear of what the chemicals might do to your locks also knowing full well what prepping it to receive any colour entails. That’s why we’ve consulted with Mizani Brand Educator, Rocky Bukasa to fill us in on what to consider before dyeing natural hair.  

“The reality is, natural hair is far more difficult to dye and maintain – not only because of it’s deep, jet black shade that requires intense bleaching beforehand, but also because it’s more prone to dryness and breakage; two problems that chemical treatments tend to make worse,” explains Rocky. 

Here are some simple rules he suggests you follow if you’re to achieve a vibrant colour while still maintaining a healthy crown.

Consult with a stylist

A lot of the horror stories you may have heard about dyeing natural hair have one thing in common: home-job dyes. The only way to therefore avoid any sort of disaster, is to seek a consultation from a professional colourist with experience in colouring ethnic hair specifically.  

Find the right colour

Darker shades such as auburn red and browns will be the easiest to apply and maintain when it comes to natural hair. One thing to keep in mind – the lighter you go, the more intense the dye job will be. Going blonde will take multiple trips to the hair salon and will include a regime of deep conditioning to prevent dryness. Bear in mind, you’ll likely lose some curl pattern and movement in your hair until you go back to the salon for maintenance.  

Start with a trial

It’s always a good idea to start small with the likes of balayage, babylights and ombre. It’s common for girls thinking of dyeing their natural hair to only dye the tips as a trial to test how hair will react. Monitor the health, curl pattern, and suppleness of your dyed tips first to give you a better idea of what to expect when going full dye.   

Prep your hair

For your hair to maintain its colour once dyed, preparing must take place beforehand. This is to get your hair to its healthiest condition to prevent chemical damage, and to allow for the colour to hold onto your hair for longer. This includes deep conditioning, moisture retention, and thoroughly ridding your hair of any problems such as dryness and frizz.  

Use the right products

Once dyed, your hair will be even more prone to dryness and will lose moisture quicker than it did before. Don’t compromise on a good quality moisturising hair mask or deep conditioner for colour treated hair and switch over to washing your hair with a colour-protecting shampoo. 

Dyeing natural hair doesn’t have to be a daunting task. If you start small and accept the responsibility of regular maintenance, there should be nothing stopping you from achieving the vibrant shade you’ve always wanted!
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