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Fashion greys are done? Think again

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22 November 2018

Who said that grey hair was a dying trend? Never! There’s still a world of metallic grey hair dye colours to explore, and we’re just getting started, baby!


Celebrities both young and old are either embracing their natural grey or bleaching their hair platinum to achieve this must-have look. From smoky gunmetal to rose gold, metallic hair colour is more versatile and fabulous than ever, and there’s a tone to suit just about any skin colour.


Metallic hair for cool skin tones


If you look great in jewel colours and deep pink lipstick, you have a cool skin tone. And you can also wear any shade of silver-grey hair colour like you were born with it. Icy greys generally suit anyone with olive or dark skin - so go smoky, blue-grey or even mauve.


Metallic hair for warm skin tones


Are you more comfortable in warm muted shades like peach, brown, and cream? It’s likely that you have a warm skin tone. Silver hair dye may clash with your skin, so opt for warm metallics such as rose gold and icy pink.


If you have dark hair…


To get shimmering silver locks, hair needs to be lifted to a platinum blonde first. If you have dark hair, this could be a problem, but it is doable. You will need multiple applications of bleach to lighten a dark colour, and your stylist may have concerns about damaging your hair. Instead, protect your hair and opt for dark gunmetal grey instead of light silver.


Nourish and maintain your dyed silver hair


Any colour treatment will dry out your hair a little, so it’s essential to give back to your hair with products formulated to restore moisture and protect your colour. To eliminate any yellow strands (a result of using bleach), we recommend hair products that contain mauve, blue and silver tones. Our favourite products for silver hair are Kérastase Réflection Chromatique range and Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed So Silver.


Visit your hair salon every 6 to 8 weeks for an extra-nourishing treatment, and to have your hair trimmed to remove split ends. This will assist with dryness and help to maintain healthy condition.


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