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Ditch the Dye: How to go grey gracefully

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22 November 2018
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Silver hair may be high fashion right now, but if you’ve been covering up your own grey with dye for years, then the idea of transitioning to grey hair can be just a little daunting! We’re here to help you take the plunge and embrace your grey hair gracefully.


Why go grey?


Want beautiful hair that doesn’t require a pricey trip to the salon every month to touch up your roots? Transitioning to grey hair will save you time and hassle, and help you maintain a healthy condition.


Whether it’s gunmetal, salt and pepper, or silvery white, grey hair is prone to dryness. The lack of pigment can make hair brittle. While hair colour hides the ‘problem’, it can dry the hair out even more and leave it looking a bit dull. Growing out your grey will result in healthier, more naturally beautiful hair.


Hair treatment for grey hair should also include a deeply nourishing shampoo as well as conditioning products for best results.


Tips for transitioning to grey hair


1. It doesn’t happen overnight


Transitioning to grey hair takes time. You can expect the whole process of growing the grey out to take a year to 18 months, so be patient.


2. Use subtle highlights


Tell your stylist that you want to grow out your grey hair. Silver blonde highlights can help to ease the line of regrowth and make the transition from a dyed look to natural grey hair less obvious.


3. A shorter cut


If you’re feeling really brave, cutting your hair short will make a big difference to growing out your grey. Short hair is also more youthful (if you’re worried about grey hair being ageing), and there’s nothing quite like a makeover to give you and your hair a new lease on life.


4. Use nourishing hair products


Grey hair is known to be dry and sometimes difficult to manage, so use a conditioner and shampoo for grey hair. Our favourite grey hair treatment products are L'Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Liss Unlimited Smoothing Shampoo and L'Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Liss-Extreme Smoothing Masque. This range contains kukui oil, evening primrose oil and wheat protein to strengthen the hair’s keratin structure and restore shine and softness.


5. Be brave and naturally you!


Don’t be fooled by the myth that grey hair is a sign of decrepit old age. Hair can lose its pigment at any time. Some people notice silver strands only in their middle years, but it’s not uncommon to see grey hair at a young age.


So be brave, embrace the grey, and remember that age is not a hair colour… it’s an attitude!



Growing out your grey will result in healthier, more naturally beautiful hair.

Taryn Bloem National Education Manager for L’Oréal Professionnel

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