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Dark blonde is your new low-maintenance transitional

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25 March 2019
Caucasian woman with long hair with highlights

Bleached blonde hair is great for summer days and beachy waves… but now that we’re heading into the cooler months, don’t you want to try something new with your hair?


There’s no hard and fast rule about matching your hair colour to the season. If you want to rock platinum blonde locks this winter, then go for it! However, if you’re keen to make a change, freshen up your summer highlights or transition your hair colour to a deeper shade, then dark blonde may be exactly what you need.



Dark blonde is right for you if…



If your summer highlights are beginning to look a little brassy, a dark blonde ombre can really freshen up your hair. Darker roots and ashy (yet still blonde) tips provide loads of colour, texture and depth. If you’re worried about brittle strands and bleach damage, it’s also a relatively simple fix that is gentle on previously bleached hair.


Not everyone has the right skin tone to pull off bright, icy or light golden blonde. There are many different shades of dark blonde to suit your colouring - from ash and light brown, to deep gold.


Dark blonde is also a super transitional shade if you’ve been sporting bleached hair for a while and want to make a change to a darker colour. If your hair is naturally dark, the ombre blonde trend gives you a stylish way to make a gradual colour change to get back to your natural colour.

Woman with blonde wavy hair

Dark blonde combinations we love


Ash blonde


Also called mushroom, ash blonde is a deep, silvery blonde with cool undertones. Ask your stylist to make your roots slightly darker for a natural-looking blonde with depth and texture.


Light ash ombre



Medium brown at the roots and fading to light ash at the tips is a glamorous and on-trend look. The ombre should be obvious, yet not too starkly contrasted (so don’t ask your stylist for black roots - brown is the colour you want).



Golden chocolate ombre


If you have a warm skin tone, then golden blonde will look fantastic on you. This ombre uses chocolate brown at the roots blending into honey blonde at the ends. This colour works especially well if your summer highlights have gone a bit yellow, because the transition from brassy to golden won’t be too difficult for your stylist to achieve. It’s also fantastic for ethnic hair that sometimes doesn’t take well to ash blonde shades.


Woman with long blonde wavy hair
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