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Adopt a rosy outlook: Embracing pastel pink hair dye

02 August 2018
Adopt a rosy outlook: Embracing pastel pink hair dye
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Calming, feminine and playful, pastel pink hair dye is a colour that’s been embraced by everyone from Hollywood starlets to runway divas. The rosy hair trend has been growing in popularity over the past few years and we have seen many incarnations of the look. Different ways to rock the trend include dark roots with pink highlights, as well as fully coloured from root to tip.

Thinking pink? Here’s what you need to know before taking the plunge… with advice from Matrix and Pureology’s Regional Education Developer Terry-Leigh Germishuizen.

Considering Upkeep

Terry explains, “Pastel coloured dyes are known to fade much quicker than their more natural-looking counterparts. So, upkeep is important to consider before booking yourself into the salon because you will have to put in time and effort at home.” There are, however, a few ways to combat the fade, including the use of a red colour-depositing conditioner. A good starting point is the Pureology range, as the brand is all about extraordinary colour care.

Understanding Undertones

Undertones are classified into three categories: neutral, warm and cool. It’s important to know yours before you make any colour commitments because it will affect your overall look. Terry advises, “If you have cool undertones, blue or violet-based hues such as magenta and fuchsia will work best, while those with warmer undertones should opt for tints with a yellow/orange base. If you have a neutral undertone, you’re lucky – you can go with either.” Having trouble determining your undertone? This is one of the questions to ask your stylist BEFORE colouring your hair. They are professionals and have the skills to help you figure it out.

Laying the Foundation

The ease with which the look is accomplished is wholly dependent on your natural hair colour. Platinum blondes will find the process far easier than natural brunettes, who will have to get their hair stripped in order to remove the naturally dark pigment from each strand. No surprises – this a job for an expert and should never be DIY. As terry says, “Professionals will help you achieve your desired look while avoiding potential damage. It’s ensuring your peace of mind.

We adore the pastel pink hair dye trend. It’s the perfect way to play with your look and bring an edge to your style, but you must seek out the help of a professional stylist who specialises in colour creations, because you don’t want to risk damaged hair and a bad dye job.

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