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Weaves: Let’s Play!

07 March 2018
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There once was a time when only the rich and famous could afford to rock a gorgeous weave, the whole affair being rather hush hush among those who could afford it. But nowadays, women from every walk of life are embracing weaves as a form of self-expression, experimenting with colour, style and length – particularly during summer months, when weaves afford the benefits of powerful protection.

Benefits of a Weave

  • Protection
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Wide availability of products
  • Easily chop and change looks


Sew-in hair weaves are added in wefts and are generally braided tightly against the scalp, protecting your natural tresses from the wear and tear of daily life absorbed by the extensions. This is also true of heat styling methods such as straightening or curling that can leave your hair feeling dry and damaged.

Ease of Maintenance

The modern world is fast paced, and women are expected to do it all. That’s when ease of maintenance comes in handy and wearing a weave will save you time when it comes to hairstyling. Furthermore, there is no colour upkeep and wearing a weave gives you the freedom to change it up, whenever your heart desires – without risking damage to your hair.

Product Availability

Real hair extensions can be expensive. So, it’s worthwhile to invest in a few high-quality products to maintain your new look. Luckily, the world is your oyster when it comes to product availability and you’ll find a wide selection of merchandise, including shampoos, conditioners and moisturising treatments, perfectly suited to keeping your mane looking luscious. Head to your nearest salon and they’ll advise you of your best options.

Chopping and Changing

Today your hair is short, sleek and brown, tomorrow it’s long, wavy and pink. With a weave, you have a variety of options accompanied by low levels of commitment. It’s for this reason that weaves are a fun and safe way to play with your style.

Summer is here, so now is the ideal time to start thinking about your weave and style. Remember to consult a professional when booking your appointment and have fun playing with cut, colour and style.

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