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These summer looks have us wigging out!

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21 November 2018
African woman wearing a weave

Wigs are the business - but perhaps a little too smoking hot for sultry summer days. If you’ve been rocking your wig all winter, chances are you’d like to keep the look as the season changes. We’ve got some terrific tips to help you keep your cool without compromising your favourite weave styles.


First off though, why wear a wig? Why not? A wig is the easiest and quickest way to change up your hairstyle, going from short to long and back to short again, in a flash. You can play with assorted styles or even colours - think pink! - without the commitment of changing your actual hair. Plus, weave hairstyles are great if your hair is thinning and you want to add a little extra oomph to your beauty routine.



The best weave styles for summer


Lace front wigs


A lace weave offers many benefits, such as more flexible styling that allows you to part the wig in different ways for a natural look. The biggest plus for summer, however, is that a lace weave is far more breathable, less likely to cause sweating, and comfortable to wear. First choice is a full lace weave, but if your bank account can’t stretch to this, then a lace front weave is the next best thing.


Human hair wigs


A weave made from human hair not only looks more natural - it feels more natural too. Synthetic hair tends to absorb the heat and is more likely to cause itching on sensitive, sweaty skin. Full lace human hair wigs are the absolute best choice for summer to ensure maximum breathability.


Bear in mind that human hair wigs will react to the heat just like natural hair - so you should use superior quality styling products, shampoo and conditioner to minimise frizz and keep your wig in flawless condition.


Give your wig a trim


Got your heart set on wearing your fave wig through the summer months? It’s okay - we know that once you’ve found the perfect fit, it’s hard to imagine wearing anything else! If you have a synthetic weave that you love, take it to the salon for a trim. We’re not joking! Your stylist can take some length off or thin the hair out a bit, which will make the wig less heavy and thus more comfortable to wear when it gets hot.

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