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The biggest mistakes you're making with your weave

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14 May 2018
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Is your weave looking lifeless or dull? The most likely culprit is a lack of knowledge. It comes down to making perfectly avoidable mistakes, so pay attention – here’s what you need to stop doing.

Choosing the wrong weave for your hair texture

Choosing a weave with the same texture as your hair is rule number one. This allows for a perfect blend once the weave is attached and creates the illusion that it’s your hair. Choosing a hairpiece based on price is a mistake – resulting in many embarrassing situations. Of course, we all want perfectly straight Brazilian or Indian hair, but this is wholly dependent on choosing the right hairpiece to match your unique tresses. The lesson here is: do your research. There are beautiful weaves for every texture of hair equally as beautiful as that Brazilian or Peruvian piece you’re desperate to have.

Not washing enough

Yes, despite what you thought, you still have to wash and condition your weave. A weave is still hair, so it needs to be washed just like any other hair. Failing to wash regularly will only contribute to dreaded weave-patting, as product and dry skin build up on the scalp. To avoid the itching caused by a dry scalp, wash your hair once a week. Don’t use low quality and generic shampoos, as they may contain harsh ingredients that pull moisture out, leaving your weave dry and listless. Using salon quality products like the Redken All Soft range, which contains omega-6-enriched argan oil, is highly recommended as the ingredients combat scalp and hair dryness, keeping your weave soft and conditioned. All Soft Argan-6 Oil is especially useful as you can use this treatment in six different ways (on both wet and dry hair) for boosted softness and shine. 

Leaving your weave in too long

Weaves were not meant to last indefinitely and will eventually need retiring. Depending on the quality of the weave, the health of your hair and how well you maintain it, they can have a shelf life spanning a few weeks to a few months. Leaving your weave in for too long will only cause damage to your natural hair that could take months to repair – so, sticking to the right timetable is essential. The general rule is to take your weave out after six weeks if your hair is oily, or if you do activities that cause sweating in your daily life (such as exercise). If you have thicker hair you can leave it in for up to 12 weeks, provided your maintenance regime is up to scratch. 

Neglecting your weave

Your weave costs too much money for you to neglect giving it the care it deserves. Weaves are high maintenance and become a nightmare when they’ve been neglected. To prevent this, your weave needs to be washed and conditioned once a week and brushed and detangled every day. Doing so will safeguard against knots and clumps of hair sticking together. The best way to do this is by grabbing sections of your weave and combing through the hairpiece from the sewing track right out to the tip, until you’ve worked your way through the entire hairpiece. Remember not to pull the hair when combing through and avoid over-combing, as this may loosen the sewing and expose your weave tracks. A detangling spray such as Mizani D'tangle Moisturizing Leave-In Milk is the perfect way to soften your hair while adding slip and elasticity before brushing a comb through. 

Weaves are an investment, from the initial cost of the hair to salon quality upkeep products, the style is high maintenance and they need daily care. You’ve heard the cringeworthy weave stories and seen the embarrassing pictures online. This is all perfectly preventable if you give your weave the salon quality treatment is deserves. However, visiting a professional salon stylist for consultation on your weave is the only foolproof way to avoid these mistakes altogether. 
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