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Mink hair – what’s the fuss?

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23 August 2019
Mink hair – what’s the fuss?

First, there were mink fur coats for glamorous warmth, and now there’s mink hair for the softest weaves and wigs.


Woah! Hold your horses, animal lover. No cute and fuzzy little minks were harmed in the making of your new weave. It’s not actually made from the hair of a mink. ‘Mink hair’ is just a clever marketing phrase to describe the softness and shininess of very high-quality virgin hair.


If you’re lusting after long hair that’s also luxuriously soft, you’re not alone. Mink hair extensions seem to promise just this, but can they deliver?



High-quality virgin hair for wigs and weaves


For a weave that lasts, virgin hair is better than synthetic. Now the beauty gurus are all saying that mink hair is even better than virgin hair.


Just like virgin hair, mink hair:


  • Is taken from a donor
  • Has never had any hair dye or chemical treatment
  • Has all cuticles facing the same way to reduce tangles
  • Is soft and silky with a natural feel
  • Is easy to colour and create new hairstyles
  • Has double stitching to minimise hair loss
  • Has full bundles for a thick, luscious weave


The difference with mink hair is in its quality. Basically, mink hair is still virgin human hair, but it is a higher quality product.



A word of warning about ‘mink hair’


How do you know that your mink hair extensions are better quality than the slightly cheaper virgin hair on sale? You don’t.


Any virgin human hair can be called ‘mink hair’ whether you choose Brazilian, Peruvian, or Malaysian hair for your weave.


At this stage, the phrase ‘mink hair’ is only about marketing. There are no official standards to monitor what specific level of quality turns ordinary virgin hair into mink hair.


The solution? Don’t be fooled into buying cheap, mink hair extensions. Expect to pay a higher price for better quality. Stick to the brands you know and trust, get professional advice from your nearest hair salon, and always spend time comparing the thickness and quality of several types of hair extensions before investing in lengths for a new weave!

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