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Lace fronts vs weaves: Who wins the hair game?

16 August 2018
Lace fronts vs weaves: Who wins the hair game? : woman with brown hair
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Length, length and more length – the obsession for extensions is real and everlasting. Lace fronts and weaves changed the hair extension game by providing a more versatile way to wear long hair than the usual braids. Both are essential solutions when real hair needs a rest, but with so many options, the burden of choice hits hard. So, which one is most suitable for you? Well, let’s look at the differences...

Lace Fronts

Probably the most popular type of wig because of its flawless camouflage and coverage of hair. These types of wigs are attached using an adhesive or are sewed in, which is where the similarity with weaves comes in. The difference between these and your standard wigs, however, is that the lace at the front of the wig is secured onto the hairline to make it appear like real hair.

The good: It looks real, which is what this style is all about. Lace fronts create the illusion that hair is real and offers a convincing, natural look. Another plus is that lace front wigs cover your hair, so you don’t have to worry about matching colour and texture. This means you can choose any lace wig and it’ll save you from dyeing hair if you want to add a little colour. Lace front wigs are a great investment as they last for ages, and are relatively inexpensive to buy and easy to maintain.

The bad: Non-adhesive lace fronts can restrict activities that require a lot of movement, or they can slip off, causing embarrassment. They’re also not ideal for anyone doing physical activities that result in sweating, as this can interfere with the integrity of the adhesive holding the wig in place.


Weaves come in every shape, size and texture you can think of, and are made from human or synthetic hair. From near floor-length curtains to curly crowns of hair, every type of weave has a devoted following. Weaves are a type of sew-in extension where real hair is braided into tracks and the weave extensions are sewn over them.

The good: Weaves can be a protective style if the hairpiece isn’t attached too tightly and doesn’t pull on the hairline. Weaves also work for all lifestyles, including sweat-inducing and water-based activities. The best trait is that they’re firmly attached to your head, so you won’t have to fear slip-offs. Their secure attachment also means you can create any hairstyle you can imagine without exposing the tracks.

The bad: Good quality weaves are known to be expensive and require extensive maintenance, care and protectants. This can also increase costs with all the products you’ll need. A weave will also need to match your hair type and texture for blending purposes, so it may restrict your choices.

Verdict: It depends on activity and budget. If your lifestyle requires you to be very active, then a weave would be perfect for you, but you’ll need to invest in a good quality weave that lasts long, and be prepared for the expense of maintenance. If you have less time for maintenance and want extensions that won’t break the bank, a lace front weave would be ideal.

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