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Hair today, weave tomorrow: Which type is best for you?

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30 May 2018
Hair today, weave tomorrow: Which type is best for you? : woman with weave
Weaves are a wonderful way to play with your haircut and style. But with so many products on the market, you may be left wondering, “Where do I start?” Planning the perfect weave starts with selecting the best type of weft for you. Weave hair comes in a variety of wave patterns, including straight, wavy and tight curly, and are characterised according to texture.

Let’s take a closer look at your top choices:



Texture: Coarse
Best for: Curly hair

Ideal for humid conditions, Brazilian hair is durable, thick, soft and highly sought after. Known for seamlessly blending with all hair types, Brazilian hair is a popular and wise choice. 

- Not prone to frizz
- High in body
- Need fewer bundles
- Versatile

- Costly
- Noticeable when incorrectly placed


Texture: Dense
Best for: Straight hair

With a fine density and natural bounce, Indian hair is easy to blend and provides an excellent option for those planning to get a weave.

- Easy to curl
- Versatile
- Readily available 

- Prone to frizz


Texture: Very fine
Best for: Straight or curly hair

Ideal for those seeking thickness and volume, Malaysian hair is shiny and lustrous. This hair type is extremely fine and does not blend well with African hair.

- No extra product required for curl maintenance
- Soft in texture
- Requires less wash
- Holds curls


- Loses its lustre after a few washes 
- Can appear dry
- Not ideal for African hair


Texture: Dense
Best for: Curly hair

Thick, straight and coarse, with a slight wavy texture, Peruvian hair generally comes in dark colours like black or dark brown. A popular option around the world, Peruvian hair wefts are known to be silky soft and as light as a feather. Best suited for warmer temperatures as this type of hair can withstand the heat.

- Easy to manage
- Natural looking
- High in volume
- Wide variety of hair patterns
- Easy to blend

- Difficult to source
- Costly

Still have questions? Head to your nearest professional salon and ask a stylist to advise you on selecting the best hair extensions for your hair. 
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