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The top 3 things you MUST discuss with your stylist before relaxing

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23 November 2018
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For many women, having their hair relaxed at a salon is a smart choice. Instead of stressing about getting things disastrously wrong at home, it’s a case of putting your precious strands in the hands of an expert. The idea is that a professional will help you avoid breakage and other damage suffered during the chemical relaxing process, and have all kinds of salon-quality products (like a protein treatment for relaxed hair, for example) at their disposal.

As loathe as we are to admit this, though, not every salon is created equal. If you want to ensure your tresses are in safe hands, a discussion should always happen with your hairdresser before relaxing takes place. These are the top 3 points that should be covered during every pre-relaxing consultation.


When was your hair last relaxed?

This is a very important question as you can only relax your hair every 6 weeks, minimum, and then only the regrowth can be chemically treated. Reduce the gaps between relaxing, and/or apply the relaxer to your entire head a second time, and your hair could suffer severe damage because of over-processing. Because it’s so important, you may encounter a stylist who keeps a record of your relaxing sessions and any other treatments (and products) used on your locks.


What’s your hair texture?

In short, are your strands fine, medium or coarse? Why this matters is that the different hair textures require different strength relaxers. Strands that are thick for instance, will require a strong, or super relaxer to penetrate to the core of each hair and break down the bonds. Fine hair on the other hand, requires a milder dose of chemicals to achieve the same effect. Your natural hair texture will also determine the pH of the relaxer used, as well as the processing time.

Don’t worry if you don’t know your hair texture off the top of your head. Ha! A haircare professional should provide a hands-on assessment of your curls.

In addition to your hair properties, a top-notch stylist will also delve into your haircare and styling regime at home. Relaxed hair has different care and maintenance requirements than natural hair after all, and a hair professional will want to ensure you’re prepared. They may also ask about how you style your hair, to make sure relaxing is a good fit for your lifestyle and tastes.


What are your everyday haircare practices?

The mark of a good stylist is one who includes a consultation in your appointment to determine the specific needs of your hair – and does their utmost to avoid damage to your strands. To find your nearest reputable salon, click here

Also, never be afraid to ask questions about your locks – it’s a healthy practice to adopt and uphold. When it comes to your hair, as with anything else, communication is vital.


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