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The dos and don'ts of relaxing

31 May 2018
The dos and don'ts of relaxing  : Woman with long hair smiling
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For everything you do right for your straight relaxed hair, we bet you’re getting some things wrong from time to time. Remember, because relaxing is a process of permanently straightening hair by chemically breaking its bonds, these mishaps could affect the texture and strength of your hair. So, sit back and take note of these hair care tips to go from straw to silky.   
The dos and don'ts of relaxing

DON'T relax too frequently

If you use relaxing treatments too often, you run the risk of over-processing your desperate, thirsty locks. Over-processed hair has a burnt and waxy texture – enough to make any hair goddess cringe. What’s more, over-relaxed hair can take months to recover from damage, if it can be saved at all. If not, you’ll have to stay with horrid hair or start fresh by cutting it. To avoid this nightmare, keep the timeframe at six to eight weeks between relaxing.    

DO relax your hair at a salon

Hair stylists are veterans who’ve been doing this for decades and have mastered the right techniques to minimise damage. They’re also well trained in handling chemicals. You can try it at home, but you may end up with a result you hate, or nasty burns on your scalp. With too many things that can go wrong, stick to a stylist you trust to avoid all the home-alone chaos. For starters, you need to discuss some things with your stylist before relaxing.

The dos and don'ts of relaxing: treating hair in salon

DO ask for a natural oil-infused relaxer

When you relax your hair at a salon, ask your hairstylist for a natural oil-infused relaxer, such as olive oil hair relaxer. These oil relaxers can sometimes be paired with other products, so also ask your stylist for the best deep conditioner for relaxed hair. By now, you know the benefits of natural oils like coconut, jojoba and olive. They’re so beneficial because they help to counteract the way relaxers can strip your hair of essential nutrients, by re-nourishing your dehydrated hair with proteins and fatty acids. Thanks to these natural oils, your relaxed hair will feel softer and replenished and will be less prone to breakage.


DO use protein treatments

Protein treatments for relaxed hair is gold for your locks. Protein gives your hair the energy to gain length and thickness and rebuild strength. Luckily, there are many types of protein treatments available, depending on what your hair needs. The best option to go for is the keratin-based protein treatments, like Mizani’s in-salon Kerafuse® Intense Strengthening Treatment, which blends a high concentration of protein with natural oils and other extracts. Keratin is a protein that strengthens the cuticle of each hair to counteract breakage. 


DON'T neglect post-relaxed hair

Many make the mistake of thinking that once the hair is straight, shiny and fabulously flickable, they can relax their haircare routine. But your hair still needs treatments and can’t be left to maintain itself as you thought. Firstly, you should shampoo about a week after relaxing, then complete the routine by using a deep conditioner for relaxed hair, and a leave-in moisturiser to lock in the softness. Dark and Lovely and Mizani both have comprehensive at-home haircare ranges for relaxed hair.


DON'T relax your whole head of hair

Yup, we’ve been doing it wrong when relaxing alone at home. For what feels like centuries, we’ve applied relaxers to our entire head of hair when only the new growth at the root needs to be straightened. Who knows the damage it has done to generations of pro-straight crowns? Chemically treating your entire head is a quick ticket to dry, flat, thinning and over-processed hair.


The damage is evident when hair breaks like little twigs every time you comb it. Once again, this isn’t something you have to worry about with a stylist. At the salon, they’ll paint the relaxer in the right area without affecting the rest of your hair or dampening your all-over winter glow. They can even help with damage control for your entire look in case your DIYs have backfired and  damaged your hairline. So, go pro for the sake of your hair! 

The dos and don'ts of relaxing: hair loss

Taking care of relaxed hair is a breeze if you do the right things for a happy and healthy scalp. Due to the delicate nature of relaxed strands, it demands you visit a salon. Your stylist can take care of everything from washing and conditioning to recommending high-quality products that will maintain your straightened style at home. They are also the masters of customising protein treatments and repairing any damage, so take advantage of their expertise.

The dos and don'ts of relaxing: washing hair in salon basin
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