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Post-straightening volumising tricks

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17 August 2018
Post straightening volumising tricks

We can’t help but fall in love with relaxed hair that is movable and bouncy. It makes you feel confident and look fresh. However, often hair that is over-processed lies flat and is too static to style. Here are some volumising tips to bring back some thickness and texture. This, in turn, opens up more styling options when you’ve just straightened your crowning glory.


Rollers add volume and movement through stretching and shaping. Begin by combing out all your hair from roots to ends, then rolling rollers into your hair one by one, and secure each with a pin. Once your head is full of rollers, blow-dry your hair and leave overnight. Don’t forget to wrap your hair in a silk wrap to prevent pulling and breakage of strands.

Protein treatment

Since your hair is made of proteins that contribute to the structure and strength of hair strands, a protein treatment will help fortify your hair for some volume. If too much relaxing has left your hair feeling flat, use Mizani Kerafuse Intense Strengthening Treatment, which is infused with proteins to strengthen hair. A month after you’ve relaxed your hair, begin at the back of your hair and work the treatment into your hair; then wrap with a shower cap and leave overnight.

Volumising mask

Give your hair some of its density back after relaxing, by using a mask on wash day. After your hair has been washed and conditioned, apply Kérastase Masque Densité, designed to give thinning, medium-textured hair some extra thickness. Massage the cream into your damp hair from the roots to the tips, and comb through with a wide tooth comb. Next, cover your hair with a shower cap and leave for a few hours before rinsing off.

Loose curling

Don’t worry, this style won’t mess with your straight hair, and the resulting soft curls are loose enough to comb out. Begin with a heat protectant, which is important for relaxed hair. Section your hair into four parts, then roll the curling iron into your hair from the ends to the roots. Once all four sections have been curled, loosely pin up each section and leave overnight. The next day, comb the curls out to straighten hair again. Voila, volume!

A top tip for relaxed hair is to delay the time between relaxing so your hair can maintain its texture and volume for longer. Regularly wash your relaxed hair by adding a volumising and moisturising shampoo to your washday routine. Consider Mizani Moisturefusion® Milk Bath Gentle Lather Rinse. This way your hair will remain full of healthy body and movement.

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