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Get back to relaxer basics to safeguard your hair

21 November 2018
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You’ve probably been relaxing your hair for years or have at least grown up around women who do it regularly. Sometimes when you get too used to something though, you become a bit slack. You feel like you know what you are doing, so you get a bit too, erm…relaxed about relaxing... and that can lead to serious damage like chronic dryness and brittleness.

We’re not here to judge; instead we’re gifting you with a kind of Relaxing 101 guide, that looks at what to consider before you get back to straightening those locks. Ready?


If you’re no stranger to relaxing your hair, the next bit of info shouldn’t be new to you… we hope. First off, a relaxer’s job is to remove unwanted curls but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be dead straight after treatment. The point is to loosen the curls enough to still have a bit of body – plus reining it in will make for far more manageable hair to deal with once relaxed.


By now we’re certain you know what you’re doing and have waited the allocated 6 to 8 weeks before relaxing your hair again. So, now it’s about finding the right one for you. If you’ve got a sensitive scalp, opt for a no-lye relaxer like Dark and Lovely Moisture Plus No-Lye Relaxer Kit and for normal hair, a no mix option like Dark and Lovely No Mix. No Lye. Relaxer Kit.


Choosing a professional to apply your relaxer will always be your best bet as they know exactly how to prep for the treatment, and the necessary protection needed. You’ll need to apply a petroleum base to your scalp before moving onto the relaxer, for example. This will prevent any irritation on the scalp, hairline, ears and the nape of your neck, specifically handy for those with a sensitive scalp or skin.


Assuming your stylist has successfully applied your relaxer and you haven’t gone at it alone – we’ll jump straight into how to care for your new ‘do. Regular cleansing and conditioning are super-important as well as using products suited to the job. We love Mizani Moisturfuse Conditioner that deeply restores hair while building body and promoting smoothness. Pretty simple, right? While this served as a quick refresher, when in doubt – ask a professional. Looking to find one near you? Just take a look here

The point is to loosen the curls enough to still have a bit of body…

Hanson Ndabeni Dark and Lovely National Field and Education Manager

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