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Everything you need to know about the texlaxing relaxer technique

21 September 2018
Everything you need to know about the texlaxing relaxer technique
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There’s a revolutionary new natural hair technique being used in salons today and we’re certain you’ll take to it quite quickly! Basically, it’s a style invented to please those who can’t decide between having natural and relaxed hair. In fact, it might even have the potential to solve the natural vs. relaxed hair debate once and for all! Here’s what you need to know.  
Everything you need to know about the texlaxing relaxer technique
What it is: The term ‘texlaxing’ is short for texturised relaxing. This technique is essentially the same as relaxing hair but is purposefully under-processed to keep most of the texture. Though the protein bonds haven’t been completely broken down and the strands retain some of their bounce, texlaxed hair looks straight and thick in appearance which is why it’s now known as the ideal in between option. 

How it’s achieved: The technique involves salon stylists relaxing hair, with a few tweaks to some of the processes. Some swear by shortening the time hair is exposed to the relaxer and not doing the usual comb-through while the relaxer is working its magic. New growth is also often left untreated at the roots, while older hair towards the ends is chemically straightened. 

Why you should try it: Natural hair is a time-consuming and often expensive lifestyle to maintain. On the other hand, years of relaxing can lead to the thinning and breaking of hair. Texlaxing combines the best of both hair types and gives you hair that looks natural but is as easy to work with.

If you’re keen to give it a whirl, make sure you turn to an expert, not to a home-relaxing kit! After all, it was a hairstylist who first attempted and perfected the technique, so they’re best equipped to give you the results you want!  
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