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Your 3 biggest considerations before growing an afro

09 March 2018
Your biggest considerations before growing an afro
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Growing an afro isn’t for everyone. And we’re not talking about something as simple as face shape, although there are some physical factors at play. Afros are a big commitment, and they require a certain kind of personality. Are you really up for it? Here are the top three points you need to bear in mind before you make the decision to “go fro”.



If growing an afro is anything, it’s time-consuming. If you’re someone who generally lacks patience, and/or hours in the day, beware!

Firstly, you’ll probably need to grow out your hair, and this process is impossible to shortcut. It also may seem frustratingly slow if you have intensely coiled African hair. Even if your hair is growing the average length of 1.25cm a month, it may not seem like that given the tightness of your curls.

Secondly, afros require a lot of maintenance (See Point 2 below). Think of it like tending to a bonsai tree. You don’t want your hair to become a tangled mess, so frequently combing is necessary. If you don’t already, you’ll also have to set aside part of your evening for a bedtime hair routine. This is because an afro needs protective styling at night. Typically, this means dividing your hair into sections, braiding each one and then wrapping the braids in a head scarf. Not something you’ll accomplish in a couple of minutes! And in the morning you’ll need to reverse the process. 


Haircare discipline

Okay, it overlaps with the need for time, but if you’re someone who likes to roll out of bed in the morning, give your tresses a couple of swift strokes with a brush and consider that your haircare done for the day, an afro probably isn’t for you.

The casually fluffy look of an afro requires a serious amount of work, using the right, nourishing products – like Mizani’s True Textures range. If you neglect your hair as it grows, you’ll never pull off this sought-after natural style. African hair is naturally dryer, and the longer it gets, the more lightweight moisturisation and careful grooming is required to stop it from succumbing to problems like frizz, dullness and breakage.

For more information on what goes into growing an afro, click here.


Your hair type

Your last serious consideration when planning to grow an afro is your hair type. The type of afro you can achieve is very dependent on the nature of your curls. For example, if you have very straight Type 1 or open wave Type 2 hair, you won’t be able to naturally grow the same fro as women with the tighter S-shaped and Z-shaped curls of Types 5 to 7. The tighter the curl, the better it holds an afro shape.

The key issue here is that you need to moderate your afro growth and appearance expectations from the outset. For a best sense of what’s realistically possible though – and advice on how to achieve it – chat to a stylist.
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