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Turn that baby hair into hey baby!

22 November 2018
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Those pesky little baby hairs that grow along the hairline aren’t always a welcome sight first thing in the morning or just after a sweaty workout. In fact, they’re more of a nuisance than anything, if we’re being 100% honest! But it’s time to make the most of your baby hair for the upcoming summer months, and beyond!

If you’re looking for a little advice on the best edge control for natural hair, whether your locks have been relaxed, braided, swept into an up-do or let loose into a ‘fro, here are a few edge control styles to try…

1. Edge Control Sideburns

Looking to rock an up-do for your next summer soiree? Slick those baby hairs down at your temples and create a little sideburn drama with a natural swirl or two. Bear in mind that if your edge hair is longer than an inch (2,5cm), it doesn’t count as ‘’baby hair’’ and should be styled back into the rest of your hair. We recommend the Mizani Lived-in Sculpting Paste for the perfect sideburn swirl.


It’s time to make the most of your baby hair for the upcoming summer months, and beyond!

Hanson Ndabeni Dark and Lovely National Field and Education Manager

2.  Natural Swoop Edge Control

One of the best natural edge control options you have is to simply go-with-the-flow, i.e. your natural swoop. In whichever direction your baby hairs want to go, simply work with that using a little water, a toothbrush or small comb and the super-hold Mizani Edge Taming Gel to keep things in place all day.

African woman short natural hair

3. Super Sleek Edge Control

This is one of those edge control styles that will take a little extra time and precision but ultimately pairs perfectly with a more put-together hairdo such as braiding or a long, sleek weave. Dampen those baby hairs and carefully brush them down and away from your face, as close to the temples as possible. We recommend the Mizani Lived-in Sculpting Paste for ultimate hold and definition.

African woman natural hair bob

4. Wave Hello Edge Control

If you’re looking to model a half-up, half-down hairdo this summer, the styled wave is your go-to for this edge control look. Sweep your baby hairs into broad circles just above the temples for a playful, yet styled edge control. Use the Dark and Lovely Anti-Breakage Hair Butter the night before to moisturise the scalp in preparation for this style.

Tools of the Trade

To perfectly style and tame those baby hairs, some of the best edge control tools include a boar-bristle brush, such as a toothbrush, a little bit of water and some styling gel. Always have the Dark and Lovely AMLA Legend Oil of 7 Wonders at hand to keep the rest of your locks luscious for summer. Now, it’s time to get styling!

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