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True Or False – Can You Make An Afro Grow Faster?

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09 March 2018
Can you make an afro grow faster

The afro must be one of the most timeless hairstyles in history, not to mention one of the most fashionable. Just think about all the celebs who have rocked it over the years and sent the paparazzi crazy. The afro is loud, it’s proud, but man is it hard to grow. Or is it?

Can you actually make an afro grow faster? Type the question into a search engine and you’ll get literally millions of answers. But while it seems everyone has an action plan – from downing vitamins to applying organic oils and “miracle cure” masks – do they really speed up your scalp’s hair production?

Straight up, we’re going to respond to that statement with a big fat “no”. As hair expert Rocky Bukasa, SA education developer and instructor from L’Oréal Institute notes, “On average, hair grows between 1 and 1.25 centimetres per month, and we all wish we could grow our hair faster than this right? Unfortunately, that’s an unrealistic expectation. There’s no quick-fix when it comes to speeding up the growth of your afro.”

Rocky adds, “If you desire hair length, my recommendation is to stop doing things to your hair that will lead to constant breakage. Instead, follow a haircare ritual recommended by a qualified professional hair stylist. Invest in quality products recommended by your stylist; ones that are right for your hair type and texture. Finally, don’t be scared of regular trimming as it prevents splits ends from developing.”

In summary, the professional opinion is that you can’t grow hair faster. You can grow it healthier though, which means you’re more likely to reach your length goals – essential if you want a big, fluffy afro.

An impressive afro is about health, not speed

The first step in ensuring your hair’s optimal health is to speak to a professional. Visit your nearest salon and consult with a stylist. They’ll examine the condition of your scalp and hair strands, and recommend a personalised haircare routine incorporating specialist afro products like the True Textures range from Mizani. True Textures has been specially developed for women who’ve embraced their curls, and is infused with natural oils like marula and coconut. Yup, exactly the same ingredients many people promise will speed up hair growth.

What these ingredients are doing is intensely moisturising your afro without weighing it down. Moisture is essential if you’re attempting a fro because it combats the problem of dry, brittle hair which breaks off – and really slows down the appearance of growth.

A few more fro tips

In addition to using scientifically formulated, afro-friendly haircare products, there are a few other things you can do to safeguard the growth of your afro:

  1. Don’t overhandle your hair, and be gentle when brushing and detangling.
  2. Trim split ends at least once a month to avoid further damage to the hair shaft.
  3. Use protective styles and silk or satin wraps at night, but avoid rubber bands as hair ties. Go for a softer material that won’t tug at your strands.
  4. Try to live healthy by following a balanced, nutrient-rich diet and minimising stress. Your hair reflects what’s happening with your body, physically and emotionally.
  5. Oh, and read this sister article with instructions on how to grow an afro.

There really are no magic solutions for hair growth, but with the right care you’ll get there. Have patience.

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