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Three blowout ways to straighten your hair without relaxer

28 August 2018
Three blowout ways to straighten your hair without relaxer : woman with shiny smooth African hair
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Blowouts are the magical formula your hair needs to get bounce, volume and movement. It’s one of very few treatments that all hair types benefit from. They are the best option for when you want to straighten hair without relaxer, or to give relaxed hair some life and extra body. Whether you’re a natural hair queen trying to get some stretch, or in between relaxing sessions and want straight hair without the chemical damage, here are three ways to keep it looking fresh while you wait.

Silk blowout

Also known as a silk press, this blowout is for natural hair only, as relaxed hair can easily be damaged by the process. Softening the hair before applying heat is the secret to this blowout. It involves shampooing the hair a few times before applying a deep conditioner and letting it set in the hair. While the hair is still wet, a flat iron is used to straighten your locks. The result? Bouncy, silky and beautifully straight hair.

Three blowout ways to straighten your hair without relaxer : woman  with long straight african hair

Dominican blowout

This intense blowout style is said to keep hair straighter for a longer period without relaxer, using both heat and a combing technique to get it done. After washing, rollers are placed into the hair and the whole lot is set under a hooded dryer for an hour. Once the hair is dry, a round brush and a hairdryer are used to comb out the coils in the hair from the roots. Once the hair is blow-dried, a flat iron is used to further smooth out the newly straightened hair.

Three blowout ways to straighten your hair without relaxer :  African women  with straight hair

Tension blowout

This method is gentler on your hair, so it’s perfect for between relaxing sessions. A tension blowout relies on heat and tightly stretches the hair to achieve perfectly straight tresses. The hair is sectioned, and each section is pulled to full length. Then a hairdryer with a concentrated nozzle is moved through the entire length of the hair. Straightening happens through the tension created by pulling, while the heat sets the hair in place.

Three blowout ways to straighten your hair without relaxer : woman with thick frizz curly hair

While easy to achieve, these blowouts are best done by professionals who won’t burn or break your hair in the process. Try our store locator to find a salon near you.

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