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These afro ‘dos are raising the roof

22 November 2018
Medium length Afro hair
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Rocking what yo’ mamma gave ya’ in all its natural glory has never been more popular than it is today, with many local and international superstars wearing their natural afro ‘dos loud and proud. And why not? It’s low maintenance, it gives your natural hair a break from braiding, weaves and chemicals, and allows you to truly embrace natural hairstyles in the most unapologetic way possible.

We’re all for it, and perhaps it’s high time you gave it a try with any of these natural textured hairstyles for black women the world over:

1. The Defined, Bouncy Curl ‘Fro

This is one of those beautifully feminine hairstyles for curly hair that allows you to showcase the natural shape and texture of your curl. Ideal for ladies with natural, medium-length hair, you can either part it down the middle or create a side-parting with a braid and let that natural bounce take centre stage! 


African woman thick afro curly hair

2. The Natural, Side-Parted ‘Fro

For a more edgy, slightly less ‘put together’ look, the well-defined, side-parted afro is right on-trend and is ideal for medium-length haired ladies to let their natural hair do all the talking. This look also allows you to embrace the natural texture of your hair, without over-styling.

African women medium length natural hair

3. The Summer-Inspired ‘Fro

For a touch of summer, let your beautiful, bouncy curls shine with a few blonde highlights at the ends. The trick is to keep the highlights at the ends of your curls while showcasing your natural, dark-hued roots. This is the perfect way to make a stylish statement this summer.


African woman short natural hair

4. The Short-Styled ‘Fro

Keep things tight and in their natural place with a shorter, trimmed ‘fro this summer, keeping your hair off your face but still allowing you to show off the curl, bounce and texture of your hair. This look requires a little more maintenance and styling but is bang-on-trend for the warmer months.


African woman medium length thick curly natural hair

5. The Fully-Loaded ‘Fro

If you’re looking to really make a statement and go all out, the fully loaded ‘fro is the only way to go! Let your natural curls grow out and hang any which way they may around your face, then go one extra step and dye them a brilliant shade of red, blonde or platinum for the ultimate in afro styles!

Embracing your natural beauty has never been more popular than it is today- give it a go and fall in love with your natural ‘fro!

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