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The top curl creams to add to your arsenal

23 November 2018
The top curl creams to add to your arsenal  : African woman with shaved sides and updo
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We get that curls are a girl’s pride and joy. We also know the frustration of wading through information overload to find a product that works just for you. How about we cut through the sensational marketing for you and tell you just how to go about owning those gorgeous yet hard-to-manage curls?


Here are our ultimate choices in curl creams.


Non-Flaky Black Curly Hair


For curls that don’t flake with product when dry, Mizani Curl Define Pudding is the solution. It’s ideal for intensely coiled to somewhat tight hairdos. We love the lightweight feeling that comes from the paraben and wax-free formula. Moisture, frizz control and curly-hair-hold features are just a few things we enjoy about it. Seriously, there is so much to love.


With the right products, your curls can thrive again.

Richard Nienaber National Education Manager Redken and Pureology South Africa

The top curl creams to add to your arsenal  : Woman with teased hair

Care for Damaged Curls


Infused with renowned nourishing Indian Amla oil, rejuvenating Dark and Lovely Amla Legend 1001 Oils Cream will enchant you. We can’t stop raving about this leave-in overnight treatment. In the morning, you’ll be amazed at how infinitely soft, shiny and smooth your hair’s become.


Masks That Are Best for Zig-Zag Type Curls


Featuring a high concentration of nourishing lipid agents to repair your damaged hair, Kérastase Discipline Maskeratine Smooth-in-Motion Mask can be used daily. It also helps against heat damage to give you peace of mind when blow drying. Did we mention that it is one of our highest-rated frizz control products for curly hair types?


The top curl creams to add to your arsenal  : Smiling African woman with long curly afro
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