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The Top Four Reasons To Join The Natural Hair Movement

05 March 2018
The Top Four Reasons To Join The Natural Hair Movement
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It’s much more than a fad. Going natural is a great opportunity to give relaxers a break and get back to your roots… so to speak. From cultural affirmation to surprising styling versatility, here are the top reasons you should become a card-carrying member of this global movement.

It’s a celebration of African-ness and self

There’s a school of thought that going natural is a reclamation of self; a statement in self-confidence. It says, “I’m stunning as I am, and I embrace my identity as African.” Take it back, gurl!

A global community has your back

We’re going to be honest here. Making the move to natural isn’t easy, especially if you’re transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. You don’t go to a 30cm fro overnight… if ever. There’s a lot of psychological adjustment to make, and challenges to overcome, especially during the in-between growth stage.

Fortunately, you need never feel alone. The Natural Hair Movement is a supportive sisterhood with a vibrant online presence. In South Africa and abroad there are loads of blogs, forums and Facebook groups to give you general guidance, inspiration and a well-timed pep talk when you need it.

Black natural hairstyles have surprisingly flexible style potential

Contrary to popular belief, going natural doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck rocking an afro on repeat for the rest of time. When it comes to hairstyles for natural hair, the style choices are vast and multifunctional: dreadlocks, Bantu knots, twists, braids, shaved cuts and a dozen variations of each. Whether you have short or long natural hair, there’s an option for you.

You also don’t have to set aside half your day to get your desired look. There are many quick and easy hairstyles for natural hair – just have a browse around this site.

It’s supported by professional products

One of the most common questions asked by new members of the Natural Hair Movement, or women considering the switch, is “What products must I use?” In response to this need, the Natural Hair Industry has boomed. Along with niche manufacturers, big professional names like L’Oréal have stepped up with salon-quality products and education to support women transitioning to natural hair, and then exploring the potential of natural hairstyles.

Natural hair care solutions for black women are as diverse as African hair, but one salon-quality range you want in your home haircare arsenal is Mizani’s True Textures® line, which has been specifically designed to help women manage their Natural Hair journey. This range of shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling aids are infused with natural marula, olive and coconut oils to effectively replenish and define curls.

The new Texturizer pHorce from Mizani is also a product ideal for natural hair – it loosens curls for a shiny, bouncy and easy natural look.

Women can go natural with the reassurance that their hair will stay healthy and well-cared-for by knowledgeable authorities.

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