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Start The Year With A Hair Journey

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09 March 2018

A hair journey. Maybe that phrase conjures images of a sedate Berg retreat, or even a barefoot hippie dancing around under a row of dreamcatchers. Don’t worry. Airy-fairy name aside, a hair journey is something with serious, tangible benefits. It’s about making the pledge to put the health of your hair and scalp first. Why not start the year by taking the first steps to a better you?

The concept of a hair journey has been increasing in popularity in recent years, especially among African women who have decided to embrace the Natural Hair Movement. It doesn’t matter who you are, though, or your preferred hairstyle. Hair journeys have benefits for everyone.

Here’s how to embark your hair journey, step-by-step.

Chronicle your current care practices

Sit down with a journal and document your current haircare regime (when you do what, and how often), and all the products and tools you use. Pay particular attention to bad habits and problem areas you want to improve.

Speak to a haircare professional

Make an appointment at a salon and speak to a stylist. As knowledgeable experts, they can provide a professional assessment of your hair and scalp, and propose a regular haircare routine tailor-made for your needs. You’ll also be able to pick up professional-quality products at the same time.

Follow your new routine

Once you have everything you need (advice and quality haircare products), you’re ready to go. Document the process in your journal regularly, and embrace selfie culture to record your personal journey. At the same time, try to lead a healthier life overall. Drop bad habits like those regular junk food splurges, and try to minimise stress in your life. 

Be patient

If a product and routine aren’t immediately giving you the results you want, don’t declare the experiment a failure and bin everything. Your hair needs time to adjust. Stick to something for at least a month before reassessing if it’s working for you or not. 

Embrace change

If something doesn’t work out, don’t be discouraged. Try something new – and embrace the opportunity of getting to change things up continually. This includes different hairstyles. Speak to your stylist regularly to adjust the course of your journey as needed.

Just always remember: a hair journey is a journey. It’s more about the exploration and where that takes you than the intended destination. Embrace your new healthy self-awareness and the self-improvement that stems from it.

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