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Shampoo vs Conditioner – Which Matters More For African Hair?

09 March 2018
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A good haircare regime is at the core of every healthy coiffure. Of all the products you buy for your hair, your shampoo and conditioner are likely the most important. For African women, the belief that conditioner is more important than shampoo is real. We are taught to over-condition from a young age. But is this really necessary? Does conditioner really matter more than shampoo for ethnic hair?

Rocky Bukasa, a Mizani educator, considers it important to explain the difference between the two products and their functions. “Shampoo cleanses the hair and opens the cuticles, which are the protective layer found on the hair fibre. After applying shampoo, cuticles are usually left open, which makes the hair more prone to tangles, difficult to comb and easily breakable.” He adds, “Conditioner is a vital second step because it closes the cuticle, making it easier to detangle the hair before blow-dying. Using a conditioner minimises breakage, adds shine and leaves hair smoother.”

In short, shampoos and conditioners are designed to work together – and should never be separated. While one cleans away dirt and grime, the other ensures hydration, manageability and less breakage. The result? Gorgeous, healthy-looking hair that will be the envy of your friends.


Many shampoos on the market today contain harsh ingredients, which can strip your hair of its oils, causing it to dry out and ultimately break. However, this needn’t be the case if you do your homework and buy the right product for your hair type. Go for a gentle, oil-based shampoo that will clean your hair effectively without causing damage. When shopping for a new shampoo, look for natural oils such as jojoba, grape seed, tea tree, olive, and coconut. Mizani’s True Textures® Moisture Replenish Shampoo, with its ingredient combination of coconut, olive and marula oils, is one example of a shampoo that fits the bill.


If you hope to have a strong and healthy mane, regularly conditioning your hair is of the utmost importance. The benefits of conditioner include damage prevention, added moisture, enhanced elasticity, shine and softening. Products containing plant proteins and amino acids build strength, while those containing panthenol and polymers promote hair growth and hydration respectively. Such ingredients are ideal for African hair as they address the largest of our concerns, and can be found in products like the luxurious Mizani Supreme Oil Moisturising Conditioner.

It is a widely held misconception among African women that conditioner is more important than shampoo. Afro texture hair is prone to drying out and breaking, but that doesn’t mean over conditioning is the right way to go. Life is all about balance, and a good haircare routine must also conform to this rule. At the end of the day a balanced, comprehensive haircare routine is necessary for optimal hair health.

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