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Natural hair and hairspray – what should be your priorities?

23 November 2018
African spraying natural hair with hair product
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Hairspray is convenience in a bottle. The product has all kinds of benefits – from hold to frizz-fighting – and its format makes application easy anywhere, anytime. But when it comes to natural hair, are there any other benefits you should be looking for when buying a hairspray? Alternatively, are there any red flags to watch out for to ensure your curls always look and feel irresistible? 

Bonus nourishing in a bottle

You know the drill by now. Very curly, or tightly coiled hair, is prone to dryness – which can lead to split ends, breakage and an unattractive dull appearance. It’s all because the intense curl shape prevents natural scalp oils from running, and moisturising, the full length of strands. When choosing a hairspray then, look for one that has nourishing properties to help fight the dryness. Plus, it will enhance your look.

Watch out for weight

The last thing you want is for your strands to flatten out, costing you all that impressive volume and impression of bounce. So, when choosing a hairspray, make sure that the formulation is ultra-light. A spray that leaves a heavy build-up or noticeable residue will ruin your body-full and beautiful style goals. You’ll no doubt feel more confident too if you can’t feel the spray on your hair.

Prioritise sleek control

Even if you go full ‘fro, chances are you still want control. Frizz takes that from you, leaving your curls looking wild and feeling rough. Pick a hairspray known for its smoothing action. As a bonus, this kind of spray will support you on any straight hair days, and deal with misbehaving flyaways too.

Right, so natural girls want a spray that combines long-lasting, lightweight control and nourishment to sit as a cherry on top of the rest of your styling regime. Mizani has two options for you.

First up is Mizani 25 Miracle Milk. This multi-benefit spray combines conditioning, protection and repair action for all hair types, even colour-treated hair. The coconut oil in its formula provides all the natural conditioning you need for silky-soft, shiny and smooth strands that are easy to control. Plus, among Miracle Milk’s 25 benefits is instant style refreshing for whenever you need it during your no-doubt busy day.

Mizani HD Shyne has spiffy new packaging and a new formula that provides loads of shine and nourishment for natural, relaxed and coloured hair. The mineral-free formula has been infused with Monoi Oil for simultaneous conditioning and softening. What’s particularly great about this finishing product is its micro-fine mist format which doesn’t add any weight or build-up to your curls while it effectively works.

Get these professional-approved hairsprays from your nearest salon stockist.

The last thing you want is for your strands to flatten out, costing you all that impressive volume and impression of bounce.

Rocky Bukasa South African Mizani Education Developer Instructor

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