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Maintain Those Intense Zigzag Curls

07 March 2018
Intense zig-zag type curls
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Of all the hair types, Type 8 curls, with their extremely dense zigzag, are one of the most challenging to manage. It’s a headache that many South African women know well.

The reason for this is the extreme fragility of coiled hair. It may look wiry and strong, but the reality is quite the opposite. Unlike straight hair, where scalp oils can easily travel the full length of the hair shaft, moisturising along the way, the coils and spirals of very curly hair impede that natural nourishing process. Oil never makes it to the hair tips.

With Type 8 curls, dryness is a chronic problem, as hair begins to spiral in tight, Z-shaped coils directly out of the scalp. Without nourishment, the hair turns brittle and breaks easily. Adding to the woes of women with Type 8 curls is the fact that their hair is very porous, with raised cuticles along the length of each shaft. This makes hair rougher to the touch, duller, and far more prone to fizz and tangles.

No surprises then that extremely curly hair needs continual moisturisation to help with shine and suppleness. You can’t slap on just any product, though. The moisturiser needs to be light, so it doesn’t compress already densely compacted Type 8 curls. It also must be water based.

Fortunately, Mizani’s True Textures collection is everything you could want from hair and styling products specially developed for curls, coils and waves. Curls stay how you set them (that’s cause for celebration alone!), and the formulations feature natural ingredients. No harsh chemicals. The True Textures range is infused with marula oil, olive oil and coconut oil. Essential fatty acids and antioxidants intensely nourish, smooth and condition, so hair is shiny and frizz-free.

True Textures includes moisture-replenishing shampoos, conditioners and treatments. Styling products include curl definers, a twist and coil jelly and style refresher milk. Simply follow the on-bottle instructions for the effect you want.

Other options from Mizani are their superb new Texturizer pHorce and Deep Treatment pHorce. They're the ultimate in managing and maintaining curls as they help restore and repair hair for a shiny, bouncy and easy natural look.

A third premium option for your curl care needs is Redken Curvaceous. This award-winning care and styling line includes Curvaceous Spiral Lock and Curvaceous Ringlet Anti-Frizz Perfecting Lotion. These products have been specially developed for tightly coiled Type 8 hair.

The Curvaceous range uses Redken’s ground-breaking Curl Memory Complex for combined moisturising, smoothing and strengthening action. An Interlock Protein Network (IPN) works at the hair’s surface, and penetrates deep within the fibre, to rebuild and reinforce. At the same time, UV filters provide additional external protection, while sugar crystals reactivate curls’ shape and natural moringa oil restores moisture. In short, Curvaceous products give curls a perfect springy shape, and weightlessly condition them.

Mizani and Redken products for all hair types are available from selected salons across South Africa. Find your nearest stockist here.

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