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Inspired To Impress. Three Elegant Dreadlock Styles To Take To Your Stylist

09 March 2018
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A classic style that has been in use for centuries, dreadlocks are more dynamic than people give them credit for. Not only can you play with colour, you can also style them in a variety of creative ways. If you have an upcoming event and want to do something special with your locks, we’ve selected three elegant dreadlocked hairstyles you can take to your stylist with confidence.

The Hollywood Starlet

Old-world Hollywood glamour is defined by sophistication and elegance. Brightly coloured red lips, flawless complexions and luscious, shiny curls were the name of the game during Hollywood’s golden era. Go vintage with this elegant look that plays on classic Hollywood glamour with its delicate but bouncy waved spirals, and featuring a classic victory roll. Add a bold, dramatic colour to the mix to bring extra life to the head-turning look.

Elegant dreadlock style

The Warrior Princess

Beautiful, edgy, modern and fierce are all words best used to describe this epic dreaded hairstyle. Drawing on the traditional Mohawk for inspiration, this style is often worn with shaved sides and accessories for added feminine impact.

Three elegant dreadlock styles to take to your stylist

The Pinup Girl

From décor and clothing to hair, retro inspiration is everywhere. Embrace the style with a cheeky look that embodies pinup girl glam. Pair the style with a playful scarf to enhance the look.

When it comes to styling your dreads, you are only limited by your imagination. Play with colour, style and accessories to find out which looks work best for you, and remember to take good care of those locks you’ve worked so hard for by washing, moisturising with leave-in oils and protecting with silk or satin wraps at night.

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