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The Best Ways to Wrap Your Hair at Bedtime

09 March 2018
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Bed time is your chance to finally calm down and unwind after a frantic day – but as far as your hair is concerned, you’re entering perhaps the most active phase of the day as soon as you lay your head on the pillow. Friction and pressure are the two monsters that come out to play while you’re asleep, exposing your precious locks to mechanical damage that can cause breakage, tangles and matting over time.

A good night-time dry-wrap can ensure your mornings certainly go more smoothly, protecting natural hair, maintaining curls, and helping to avoid the rubbing motions that can pull at, break and tangle strands throughout the night. Here are our two favourite ways to wrap natural hair, as well as some tips on choosing the right fabrics to have in your bedside drawer for the best possible results.


1 The braid and twist

Your best defence against tangles is to tame your hair into a manageable volume that won’t interfere with your sleep, but also won’t result in tangles. Braids and twists are ideal for this, sleeking down hair while maintaining separate curls and ensuring they’re ready to spring back into place in the morning. Go with one large braid if you have longer hair, or a few separate, medium-sized twists for shorter styles. Secure them in place with hairpins and wrap as usual.

2 The pineapple

You can probably guess what this one’s about just from the name! For girls without the time and energy for braids and twists, this simple updo saves time as well as preventing tangles. Simply use a scrunchie or soft hair tie (NO rubber bands) to create a top ponytail that lets the hair splay naturally outwards, then wrap your hair up as usual.

A word on fabrics

From pantyhose to cotton T-shirts and even pillowcases, everybody’s got their secret unconventional hair-wrap that they swear by, but these aren’t without their drawbacks. Famed for being light and breathable (great news if we’re talking bed sheets, not so great for hair protection), cotton is a common choice, but due to its loose weave, can snag and rub against individual strands while you sleep, leading to breakage over time.

Pantyhose might be cheap and convenient, but those tight elastic waist bands can often lead to more friction than you might think, especially around the already delicate and breakage-prone hairline.

Here’s your secret weapon: silk.

It might cost more than a pair of old stockings, but silk shawls or scarves are perfect head-wraps that are both gentle and protective. Silk’s fine weave means that hairs cannot be caught and pulled between fibres, and the fact that it’s all-natural means it’s every bit as breathable and cool as cotton. What’s more, its smooth texture means your hair will glide around inside the wrap as you move in your sleep, greatly reducing friction, tangles and matting.

Haircare doesn’t end after your morning or evening regimen – your hair works hard for you, even while you sleep. Isn’t it time you returned the favour?

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