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How To Grow An Afro

09 March 2018
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Right, you’ve committed to growing an afro. But how exactly do you go about it?

Have patience

The first thing to do when growing an afro is to regulate your expectations. You’re not going to sprout a perfect fro overnight and look like you time-travelled from the 70s. Your hair will have to grow out to medium length first, at least. If you have African hair, this requires patience – and a lot of nourishing care.

Obviously, you’ve binned the relaxers by now if you’ve decided to go natural, but you’ll need to restock your bathroom cabinet with lightweight products that moisturise and strengthen your hair. As already mentioned, the key feature of an afro is length, and dry hair is prone to breaking off before it reaches that point. 

Use light moisturising products

Many afro enthusiasts swear by the application of treatments using natural oils and other ingredients. If you like the idea of using organic products over chemicals, but are still wary of hearsay solutions that seem different in every article you read, haircare brand Mizani has you covered. 

Mizani True Textures is a salon-exclusive range specially developed for curls, coils and waves. It comes with a scientific stamp of approval, but formulations are also infused with natural marula oil, olive oil and coconut oil for optimised moisturisation and manageability. Also, nothing in the range contains drying parabens.

True Textures is a complete care routine for your afro. The different products take you through the stages of gentle cleansing, conditioning, and weekly application of a moisture-replenishing mask. There are even lightweight styling products with the same Curl Care Complex Technology included in the rest of the True Textures range, so your fro enjoys the dual benefits of frizz-free control and intense nourishment. 

Practice regular grooming

Hand in hand with a regular care routine for your afro is the need for grooming. Brushing is essential to avoid tangles, but use your fingers instead of a comb (if you want a fluffier fro, at least), and don’t start brushing from the scalp. Begin at the middle of your hair strands and direct your attention back towards the roots. And don’t forget to use protective styling and wraps at night to avoid knots, breakage and general crushing of your curls.

Finally, it may sound counter-productive to cut your hair if you want to grow it, but regular trims will help your hair grow out consistently, and remove brittle, split ends. You may choose to trim at home, but it’s a good idea to visit your stylist at first so you can take advantage of their expert knowledge and styling skills. Plus, popping into your nearest salon  is a great opportunity to pick up the Mizani True Textures products you’ll need on your afro adventure.

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