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Hey, very curly girls, try these specialist shampoos for you

09 March 2018
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Curly hair is dynamic, bold and sometimes difficult to manage. Buying the right shampoo for your curly hair means you are laying a strong foundation for gorgeous locks and doing all you can to ensure strong, shiny, health-looking hair. But before running off to the nearest salon and spending a fortune buying the wrong products, you must know what you need from a shampoo by identifying your curly hair type. Girls with very curly hair suffer from frizzing and tangles. You can easily combat these problems with the right products.


Avoid dry, damaged hair with a moisture-intensive shampoo such as Mizani Moisturfusion®. High foam shampoos that are rich in emollients offer a gentle but deep cleanse, enhance the hair’s ability to retain hydration and safeguard against breakage. It is greatly important to follow up with a quality conditioner, as this will enhance your curl and add moisture.


A creamy, conditioning shampoo is ideal for smoothing and fighting off the frizz. Use Mizani True Textures® Moisture Replenish Conditioner to protect against thermal damage and achieve glossier, softer hair that repels humidity. Cream-based shampoos will add definition to your curls and boost your hair’s bounce while smoothing cuticles for a sleeker, sexier look.

Curl Defining

Mizani True Textures® Moisture Replenish Shampoo is the perfect choice if you are seeking curl definition. Rich in antioxidants as well as essential fatty acids, it adds buoyancy and volume while cleansing and smoothing your treasured mane.

Take your hair from frizzy, limp or flat to a state of perpetual glory by investing in the right products for your very curly hair. If in doubt, consult an expert who can offer authentic advice about the products that will complement your unique hair type.

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