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Cut loose: Rock your short natural hair for summer

09 March 2018
Rock your short natural hair
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There’s no better time for African women to embrace the short-haired look than during South Africa’s sweltering summer months, and there’s no shortness of inspiration when it comes to different ways to rock a short hairstyle. Here are three of our favourite short natural hair looks, with expert opinions on how to achieve them.

Faded-Glory Haircut

This is basically the coolest way to take your standard mohawk-inspired hairstyle to the next level! The undercut is truly flattering, and adding a touch of colour really compliments darker skin tones. Ideal for women who have medium to thick hair texture, this hairstyle is pretty easy to achieve. For a look that’s your own that takes less time to manage, the faded-glory cut is the way to go.

The Elegant Up Do

Add a weave to the front and braids to the side for this elegant bouffant style hairdo that’s pretty much perfect for any occasion. This 60s-inspired look is timeless and keeps hair off your face and neck for on hot days. While this look is a little harder to maintain, it’s still a great option for those looking to spend their days out and about.

Wave after Wave

Short, uneven hairstyles are great for highlighting certain features of the face, and a look that we expect will really take off in 2018. This looks adds a touch of Hollywood to your hairdo and the whimsical curls are easy to achieve when visiting the right salon. We love the playfulness of this look and its ability to adapt to any outfit, or occasion. 

Not only are short hairstyles super trendy, they’re also a lot more manageable and a great look to adopt for the Summer ahead. The best part? There are SO many styles to choose from, and incorporating more than one look will allow for a truly unique hairdo. Chat to your stylist for popular looks, then sit back and allow them to do the rest!

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