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Caring for your curls at the gym

12 February 2019
African woman dressed in workout gear
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Nothing beats a good workout, right? A trip to the gym makes you feel great and helps you to maintain a healthy, happy body. Unfortunately, it also really messes with your hair - us curly-haired girls know what we’re talking about! You’ll be thrilled to hear that we have a selection of easy gym hairstyles that will keep you looking great before you step on, and once you get off, the treadmill.



Four curly hair gym hairstyles you’ll love


If you’re breaking a sweat, you’ll want to get your hair away from your face and neck just to keep cool and comfortable. The problem is, sweat means frizzy curls. The right hairdo, plus products to refresh your hair after your workout, is the solution to keeping your curls looking luscious at the gym!



1 The pineapple


Ah, the good old pineapple. This is a great go-to hairstyle for shorter curly hair while you’re exercising, as well as after the gym. It’s so easy to achieve and looks really cute and chic even though it takes literally a minute to do. Simply scrape your hair up into a very tight pony on the crown of your head and fluff out the curls. Spritz with Dark and Lovely Diamond Rich Sheen Spray to condition and add shine, with no greasy residue.
African woman boxing

2 The loose braid


This is one of those gym hairstyles that works well for longer hair with waves rather than tight curls. The braid won’t change the texture of your hair too much, and it will prevent frizz while keeping your hair away from your face.



3 The French twist


You don’t want to pull your hair into a high ponytail if you have long curls, as this can mess up the curl texture and leave you with a kink in your hair. Instead, twist your hair at the nape of your neck and then carry on twisting, securing with a crocodile clip. Twisting your hair helps to keep your curls defined, but don’t make the twist too tight as this can cause breakage.



4 The simple bandanna


The trick to exercising with natural hair is to try and reduce the amount of sweat that gets into your hair. A stretchy bandanna works beautifully to hold your hair back off your face and soak up some perspiration, but it’s also protective and gentle on your curls.



Haircare after gym


Washing hair after exercise isn’t really necessary unless your hair is actually dirty. Instead, let your hair steam in the shower so that it is damp but not soaking wet, then refresh with a curl enhancing product. We love Mizani True Textures Twist and Coil Jelly with coconut, olive and marula Oils. Use it to redefine your curls, and reduce frizz caused by sweat at your hairline.

African woman with curly hair with highlights
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