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Afro combs - making the right choice first time

30 October 2018
Afro combs - making the right choice first time : woman with thick frizzy afro
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Natural-haired people who rock afro styles regularly know that their ball of glory is anything but low-maintenance. In fact, those gorgeous curly locks need a good combination of cleaning, conditioning, and shaping to look their absolute best. And all that of course, requires a variety of afro hair products.

When it comes to styling specifically though, we all know there’s only one product that no natural hairstyle can live without - the trusty afro comb. Believe it or not, this hair accessory has been around for thousands of years! The afro comb only rose to true prominence during the 70s though, and it’s been a good friend to people with Type 8 hair ever since.

Do you fall into that category? Here’s some advice on how to make sure you’re choosing the best accessory to care for your glorious ‘fro.


Short teeth or Long teeth?

This is easy enough to remember. If you’re sporting a massive afro, you definitely need a comb that has long teeth, so it can weave its way through your lengthy locks with ease. Sporting something a little shorter and more compact? A small-toothed product is the perfect choice then. 


Metal, plastic, or wooden?

Metal combs can be a little harsh on the scalp, as they tend to have blunt ends. They are definitely the better choice for thicker hair, though, thanks to their great strength and durability. Plastic afro accessories on the other hand, are less hardy than their metal counterparts, but they tend to have more rounded edges. This means they won’t snag on curls, making them a little more comfortable to use as a result. As for wooden afro combs, they’re the ideal choice for those who have particularly sensitive scalps. They don’t produce any static, and because they’re soft and polished, they’re less harsh than both metal and plastic combs. 

With the above information in mind, you should have no problem choosing a new afro comb to add to your arsenal. Need a little something extra to make your styling even more manageable, and to give your hair that extra kick of nourishment? Check out Mizani True Textures™ Curl Define Hair Pudding for Natural Hair. Its coconut, olive, and marula oils will do the trick. 

If you find that, despite your best efforts, your afro style just isn’t looking right, be sure to visit your preferred hair salon. An expert will arm you with all the information and products you need to get your natural hair game nice and strong! 
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