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Three hairstyles you can rock underneath your hat

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22 March 2019
Coloured woman with curly hair wearing a hat

Hats are amazing accessories. Not only are they heaven-sent when you need to cover up a bad hair day, but they’re also a wonderful way to draw attention to a fabulous hairstyle. Below, we take a look at three simple hat hairstyles that are guaranteed to look great underneath almost any hat. Here’s what you need to know about your hat and hair.



Low bun

Actually, any bun can look beautiful under a hat. A wispy messy bun, a stylish side bun and, of course, the most laid-back of the lot – the classic low bun. For a smooth and sleek look, rock a perfect low bun underneath a fashion-forward top hat or fedora. Messy buns look incredible when paired with over-sized floppy sun hats. And cowboy hats are the side bun’s best friend.

We take a look at three simple hat hairstyles that are guaranteed to look great underneath almost any hat.

Rocky Bukasa South African Mizani Education Developer Instructor

Voluminous curls


Make the most of your big hair and dark luscious curls by letting them fly free underneath a hat that accents your outfit. But what are the best hats for big hair? Believe it or not, thick curls can look stunning when worn underneath a beanie. But seeing as though the weather won’t really allow for that right now, a great summer alternative is a stylish beret.



Straight and simple


Make sure you tame fly-aways and nourish your hair before rocking this look or you’ll risk sporting shocking hat hair when you finally remove your hat! We recommend the no-frizz, no-fuss Mizani 25 Miracle Milk leave-in hair treatment. Use a hair straightener to get that dead-straight aesthetic and top it off (literally) with any hat of your choice. A daring trucker cap is a winner for a retro ‘90s vibe.

Throw in a dash of confidence and you’ll look incredible no matter what head-gear you choose to wear. Hats off to you! 
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