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Up close and powerful: Shave cuts and other very short hairstyles

09 March 2018
Shave cuts for women
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Despite a reputation for prioritising function over fashion, shave cuts and other very short hairstyles are saturated with personality! They scream confidence and come with a lot more creative freedom than you might think. Whether you’re a black woman considering going fully shorn, or dabbling with the idea of a half-shaved style, let’s look at the edgy potential available to you.

Here are our top three styles, in no particular order:


1. Patterned side cut

Personalise a full buzzcut or undercut by adding stripes or swirling patterns to the side of your head. Guaranteed to make people sit up and take notice, no matter how intricate you make the designs.

Shave cuts and other very short hairstyles

2. Colour it up

Very short hair is considered bland by many people. Clearly, they have no imagination! Consider how simply adding colour mixes things up. Apply bold bubblegum shades or on-trend metallic, or try out the ombre effect. Just always go to a stylist for optimal professional colouring, and advice on a home care regime that will sustain your chosen shade.

3. Tapered

Lacking the nerve to shave it all off? Taper your new cut instead, going from shaved around the ears to much longer on top of your skull. From retro cool to contemporary casual and evening-out elegant, no two tapered dos are the same. Allow your personality to shine through your choices.

Caring for very short hair

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with very short or shaved styles is to neglect your hair care. If you think you can just slap on any ol’ product, or do nothing at all because you no longer have loads of curls to detangle, just NOPE!

Once you cut your hair very short, your scalp is far more exposed. This means that if you suffer from dry scalp, for example, it’s far more noticeable. Nourishing treatments become especially important to ensure the health of your hair and scalp. You’ll find premium, professional quality products at your nearest salon.

While you’re there, also have a chat with a stylist about your short style options (based on your hair type, face shape and personality). Because going shaved truly is a striking and functional way to freshen up your image.

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