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Try the wet hair look on two hair types

25 September 2018
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This retro, low-maintenance and easy-to-do hairstyle has been revived by today’s fashion runways and celebrities. It’s an easy look that gives hair a fresh, straight-from-the-shower vibe, and transitions perfectly from day to night wear. From fine to heavily-textured hair, here’s how to pull off the wet look for your hair type. 

Fine and straight hair

The wet look we often see on chic runways is slicked back away from the face to create a clean, modern silhouette. Begin by dampening your hair, then work some L’Oréal LOCK IT Extreme Style Gel into your locks and comb it through. If you don’t want to dampen your hair for fear of frizz, use Redken Water Wax Hair Shine Defining Pomade on dry hair instead. This water-based wax will create the moist texture you need for the look and prevent frizz. Style by combing all your hair backwards from your forehead and spread the styling product through the entire length of your strands.  
Try the wet hair look on two hair types : woman with medium black hair

Texturized and curly hair

The best way to make the most of your texture is a side part, to even things out and make curls easier to keep in place. Begin by blow drying your hair, then add Mizani Curl Define Pudding. The thicker the hair, the more product it will take to create the look. For styling, create a side parting and then use your fingers to pull the pudding through each curl. Short curls can create a fun wet-hair fringe, and longer hair can cascade down in waves around the face.
Try the wet hair look on two hair types : woman with long curly hair frizz look
The wet hair look is a simple, easy and versatile style that works on all hair types and all textures – and best of all is how quickly you can go from just-out-of-bed to out-the-door! All it takes is a few minutes of applying styling gel and you’ll have shower-fresh-looking hair, all day long.
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