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Try out these unique ways to wear flowers in your hair

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02 October 2018
Try out these unique ways to wear flowers in your hair : woman with short african afro
We love spring for all the obvious reasons. It’s the season that marks new beginnings, welcomes back warmer weather (much to the relief of regions where winter doesn’t hold back), and finally, the perfect excuse to spend lazy afternoons outdoors. 

What we love about spring the most, though, are the beautiful new blooms it brings with it, which in turn inspires a whole lot of new ways to get creative with hair! Here are some unique ideas you can use to kickstart the season – and see it through to summer – with style. 

Baby bloom curls

Got casual weekend plans, but not sure what to do with your “messy” natural curls? Not keen to put too much work into your hair’s appearance either? Put your locks up into whatever style you want, then pepper in a few small, freshly plucked flowers of your choosing (secured with pins) for a fresh spring look! Alternatively, if you have no fresh blossoms on hand, use a variety of flower-themed hair pieces or clip-in accessories instead.
Try out these unique ways to wear flowers in your hair : woman with frizzed natural hair

Flower power afro

A mass of natural hair pairs beautifully with a collage of flowers. Choose your favourite blooms and make them the centerpiece of your afro, either by sliding them straight into your tresses, or pinning them to an accessory placed around your do, like a headband.
Try out these unique ways to wear flowers in your hair : woman with short Afro hair floral

Floral elegance

Wear your hair in a bun regularly? Add a spring-twist to your appearance with a single voluminous, long-stemmed flower. You can even dial up the drama if desired by using more than one! Simply wrap the stem (or stems) within your hair rolls and use pins and clips to keep everything in place.
Try out these unique ways to wear flowers in your hair : woman with wedding side bun

A touch of spring

If you’re not looking to go all out this season, that’s ok. You can still have some fun with just a single flower hair accessory. Where should you put it? Well that’s up to you. Place it on the side of your head, behind your ear, right on top, or wherever. This is a simple way to show your appreciation for spring, without actually putting a whole bouquet of flowers on your noggin!
Try out these unique ways to wear flowers in your hair : woman with medium Afro with flower in hair

Oversized blossoms 

Not scared to hold back? Go big then! Choose a plethora of flowers in the same colour (or a variety if you’re feeling particularly springy), put your hair up, and pin them in as you see fit.Here’s a common misconception: flower-inspired hairstyles are only best suited to brides. That’s not true! While blossoms can certainly give a stunning spin to a wedding hairstyle, there’s no reason they can’t be used with others, too. So, get out there, and let spring inspire you with a whole new wardrobe of floral hairdos!
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