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Time-saving hair tricks for busy mornings

03 October 2018
Time-saving hair tricks for busy mornings : african women long  black hair
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We get it – time is precious, and life has become so hectic that the simple task of washing your hair has transformed into a time-wasting necessity you wish didn’t exist. So, more than just forgoing a hair wash in favour of dry shampoo, we’re honing in on the multitasking hair products, quick hairstyles and expert tips for fabulous looking hair in a flash! 

Conditions apply

 We love conditioner for its ability to smooth our hair until its soft to the touch, but this nifty product also helps finish off and dry locks too, ideal for when you’re in a hurry to get out the house. Apply Mizani Moisture Replenish Conditioner to wet hair (whether wavy or tightly curled) and brush through using a comb. Leave to dry for smoother, shinier hair that looks like you’ve just stepped out the salon.
Time-saving hair tricks for busy mornings : african hair twist curls

Spray City

On the days where your hair is simply unplayable (and dirty), it’s necessary to bring it a little help from the outside. In this case, its Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Genius Extender, a sheer spray that preps your hair (whether natural hair or weave) for any kind of hairstyle. This handy product works by absorbing oil to refresh your mane and extend the length of your blow dry.
Time-saving hair tricks for busy mornings : african women sleek hair

Drop it low

Sure, hair products can certainly help tame your mane, but what if you don’t have anything on hand? A quick and easy hairstyle is then your go-to and you can’t go wrong with a simple bun. We recommend slicking your hair back and gently pulling it into a low bun for an elegant look that, one, keeps your locks in place, and two, looks super elegant!
Time-saving hair tricks for busy mornings : african women in a bun

Half and half

This sneaky little trick is perfect for when you kind of need to look your best, but seriously don’t have any time to waste. Separate the top of your hair from the bottom – isolating only the pieces carrying the most oil – and simply wash the greasiest bits in the sink. What’s left is the illusion of clean, shiny hair that’ll hold up until you’re ready to wash all your locks properly later on that night.
Time-saving hair tricks for busy mornings : long sleek blown-out hair

Ladies’ accessories

There’s nothing wrong with a little creativity when it comes to effective ways of hiding bad hair days. Nowadays, hair accessories are all the rage, so no one is going to judge you for wrapping your mane in a scarf or tucking it beneath a headband. In fact, you’ll probably find yourself opting for this kind of look even on days when your hair is being cooperative!
Time-saving hair tricks for busy mornings : african women long braids in a scarf
So, before you consider yourself out of options and cancel your big date, or call in sick to work, know you have many options that are quick, easy, and will leave you feeling oh, so pretty!
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