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Three black girl hairstyles for your matric dance

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19 March 2019
African woman with short afro

While there’s never a guarantee that your wedding day will come any time soon, your matric dance is a welcome fact of life if you’re in Grade 12. Like your wedding, this is one night you’ll probably remember forever. That’s why prom outfits and matric dance hairstyles need to be on point. To help you make the right choice, we’ve consulted extensively and have narrowed it down to these three matric farewell hairstyles.



Natural-inspired matric dance hairstyles for African hair


Having rich, textured locks and curls are what make natural matric dance hairstyles for black people a hit. Up to this point, you’ve probably only had people tell you what hairstyles “best complement” your school uniform.


Break the “unspoken rules” by coming of age with an untamed afro. Just let it happen. If you want, you can add a side parting or cornrows in the front. Feel free to accessorise to add an awesome matric farewell hair glam factor. And don’t forget to treat your hair with Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Afro Moisturizing Butter.

Couple with natural hair


Weave ball hairstyles


Weaves can suit short-hair wedding styles, but they can also come to the party decked out as matric farewell hairstyles for long hair. One of the most popular matric ball hairstyles for long hair has to be pancaked braids. These are French plaits that are loosened to give an elegant fuller look-and-feel. Accessorise with fresh flowers or sparkly touches to elevate them for the occasion.

Coloured woman with long braid

Relaxed look deb ball hairstyles


It’s your night, and you can downplay or spritz your hair up as you wish. If you want subtle but gorgeous matric hairstyles, look no further than the bun. You can go for a messy bun or a neat goddess bun. The goddess bun has a braided hairpiece wrapped and neatly pinned around it.


We hope that these matric farewell hairstyles for black people have inspired you. If you are still in search of the best hairstyles for your matric dance, it may be worth consulting an expert. Find your nearest salon here.


Coloured woman with hair in pineapple bun
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