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The shaved side haircut: Why it’s here to stay

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23 November 2018
The shaved side haircut: Why it’s here to stay : African woman with braids and shaved side

Ever looked at those edgy side-shaved hairstyles and shied away from trying them yourself in fear they would go out of fashion? Well, the good news is that the side-shaved haircut doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. And, let’s not forget, hair has a habit of growing back!

Whether you have natural curly tresses or a weave, there’s a shaved style to suit you! Here are some of our favourites:

The Subtle Side-Shaved Bob

This is one of those fabulous hairstyles for natural hair which has been relaxed. It’s also ideal for the working lady who wants to highlight an elegant business look, with a touch of edginess. For this ‘do,’ you’ll need a medium-length bob which features a deep side-parting. Choose a side you prefer and shave the front section (just a strip at the hairline!), then wear your side-part flipped over to the opposite side.


The Sleek Bob and Shaved Temple

Like the subtle side-shaved bob, this is one of those short natural hairstyles with a little more refinement. In place of a medium bob, keep it tight and tidy with a shorter blunt-cut bob and a little somethin’-somethin’ at the temple. You’ll also need a side-part with this bob, shaving your temple on the opposite side.


The good news is that the side-shaved haircut doesn’t seem to be going anywhere

Richard Nienaber National Education Manager Redken and Pureology South Africa

The shaved side haircut: Why it’s here to stay : African woman with short hair taking a selfie

The Side Shave with Luscious Waves

For relaxed natural hair that’s a little longer, or ladies looking to sport luscious, wavy extensions, this hairstyle is for you! The contrast between long, wavy hair and a shaved, short side makes a real statement. The side shave with waves is a step in the right direction if you want to leave your comfort zone. Your longer locks will have to be worn with a deep side-part, while the opposite side of your head is shaved very short.

The Voluminous Pixie Cut

If you prefer a bit of va-va voom on top, then this short and shaved pixie cut is your way to go. Showcase those beautiful curls as your crowning glory over a closely shaved pixie cut. After washing your hair, leave your curls to air-dry and apply a styling product such as Mizani True Textures Curl Define Pudding for rich, hydrating hold throughout the day. Just when everyone thought the side-shave was a phase, this hair trend seems to have gone full clip and is now being seen on runways, red carpets and in run-of-the-mill grocery stores. With summer well and truly on its way, now is a good time to consider this edgy, summery and flirty hairstyle.

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