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The hairstyles that fit your personality best

23 July 2018
The hairstyles that fit your personality best
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Choosing a hairstyle can depend on anything from what’s trending and easiest to maintain, to what we’re comfortable with and what looks best. While no two people are the same, there exists a theory that there are only four personality types that people typically fall under. So, with the incredible number of ways to wear your hair nowadays, we thought we’d narrow it down for African ladies by matching different hairstyles to these four personalities. Perhaps you’ll find a perfect fit you never considered before. Let’s explore!

Sanguine Personality

In a nutshell, your sanguine personality types are bubbly, enthusiastic and social extroverts. They love to talk more than they like to listen – and they’re always up for a good time! When it comes to their hair, these peeps are looking for something dramatic, bold and uniquely theirs. At this point we don’t even think you need to ask, “What hairstyle fits my personality best?” We’re pretty confident you know the answer deep down already. Rust-coloured afro, meet fiery personality! Bold, warm and a great way to embrace your natural hair, there’s no going wrong with this distinctive look.

The hairstyles that fit your personality best

Choleric Personality

Even more extroverted than the previous personality type, these people are proud, decisive, and goal-orientated. They like to be in control of situations and they don’t like admitting when they’re wrong. These personality types are also all about practicality, so they’re looking for a showy hairstyle that’s both easy to maintain and won’t damage their natural hair. A nape-to-forehead braided updo is beautifully elegant but sure to stand out in a crowd. Plus, because of how it’s structured from back to front, there’s no chance of it damaging your hairline.

The hairstyles that fit your personality best

Melancholic Personality

These personality types are known to be analytical, detail-orientated and emotionally sensitive. Often referred to as introverts, these people like things to be a certain way and become stressed when things don’t work out accordingly. Because they also tend to be perfectionists, these personality types are likely to opt for a safer hairstyle that doesn’t draw too much attention to themselves. Medium-length waves, accomplished with a weave, are ideal because they require very little effort, but the results are usually the same once you’ve made the initial effort to achieve them. Plus, it’s a suitable look for every occasion, which sits very well with a melancholic personality type.

The hairstyles that fit your personality best

Phlegmatic Personality

Like melancholic personality types, these people are introverted, but a lot more relaxed than their sensitive counterparts. They’re quiet, peaceful, but eager to please; avoiding conflicts at all costs. When it comes to their hair, they’re looking for something that’s not going to draw attention, and a style that’s completely fuss-free. An ultra-short or shaved ‘do with a side part is perfect for this personality type. It’s unassuming yet it accentuates the facial features. Plus, it’s a great way to blend in while still looking great.

The hairstyles that fit your personality best

It may be obvious to some which personality type they fall under; for others they might be a combination of two types, or more. Either way, identifying the kind of person you are could help a whole lot when deciding on your next hairstyle.

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