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The best natural hairstyles for round faces

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30 July 2018
The best natural hairstyles for round faces

The right hairstyle depends on a combination of factors, like your hair texture and, of course, the form of your face. Finding the right hairstyle to suit its unique shape is as important as contouring correctly if you’re really going to highlight your features properly. If you’re a round-faced gal, we’ve got the low down on the best styles for round faces that’ll work specifically for your shape. If the length and width of your face are roughly the same, then yes girlfriend, we’re definitely talking to you!


The Long Bob


You can’t better the perfection of the timeless bob. It’s one of those styles that’s ideal for women with a round face because it gives the illusion of added length. Take this look a notch further by juicing up your brows to solidify that wow factor.


With some proper volume and height, the bob can also help make your face appear slimmer. “A straightened, sleek look is best for this face shape as curls and waves can sometimes create extra volume where you don’t need it,” adds Terry-Leigh Germishuizen, Regional Education Developer – Matrix Gauteng.

African woman with bob

The Short Afro


A short natural afro is ideal for women with round faces. The height automatically elongates the face and allows for all the features that count to be highlighted, particularly your eyes. The best part about this look is that it’s super easy to maintain and requires only your natural hair, so take full advantage! Show your hair some lovin’ by using products that do good to your natural hair afro.

African woman with natural afro

The Pixie Cut

Contrary to popular belief, short natural hairstyles actually compliment a round face when styled correctly. “It’s important not to cut the hair too short, but to rather texture it accordingly so that you don’t lose the height at the top,” says Terry-Leigh. So, if you prefer straight hair, go for a layered look, otherwise use those curls to make up that volume.

African woman with short pixie haircut

The Two-Strand Twist

This two-strand twist hairstyle successfully covers the rounder parts of your face, so it appears long rather than wide. So, make sure you wear your twists down, and not pinned back. Another great benefit is the durability of this style – it can last up to two weeks. And once you’re done with them, you simply unravel them for a whole new hairdo! It’s definitely one of the best hairstyles for a round face, and Dark and Lovely has many braid care products to keep it looking stunning.

African woman with large twist braids

The Braided Back Bun


Pulling your braided hair back into a high bun moves the focus from your face to the upper part of the head instead. “Having this sort of height balances a round face,” concludes Mizani Zone Education Manager Brian Warfield, an acclaimed hair expert in his own right. It’s also a great look for evening occasions or for a hot summer’s day where you don’t want heavy hair on your neck and shoulders.

African woman with braids in updo

If none of the above hairstyles are up your alley, that’s ok, there are many more natural African hairstyles to choose from! Our advice? Visit your stylist for a look that suits your unique face shape and for insight on how best to care for it. With a great stylist by your side and your own personal touches, your ‘do could become one of the next trending hairstyles for round face shapes.

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