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On a tight schedule? Here are 4 quick yet fresh hairstyles for naturally curly hair

12 February 2019
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That moment when you sleep through the snooze button and run out of time to fix your hair before rushing out the door… curly-haired girls understand the pain! You can do fresh, light makeup in 5 minutes or throw on a simple yet beautiful outfit, but getting wavy or frizzy hair to behave in the morning takes patience and effort. Or does it?

These natural hairstyles for black women are effortlessly stylish. So yes, you can have amazing hair, even if you’re on a tight schedule!


The sky-high pony

This is one of our favourite black natural hairstyles for long hair. The reason it works so well, is that it contrasts sleek hair at the front with your natural texture tumbling from the ponytail.

Spritz some Mizani 25 Miracle Milk onto your tresses and work the product through using your fingers. This leave-in conditioner will nourish your hair with ingredients like Xylose, sustainably sourced coconut oil and fennel seed extract, and help to reduce frizz while shaping your waves beautifully.

Pull your hair into a pony at the top of your head, the higher the better, and secure with a hair tie. Use a soft bristle brush to smooth the hair against your head. Add another couple of sprays of Mizani 25 Miracle Milk to eliminate frizzy flyaways and to define your curls.

African woman with hair in pineapple bun

Space buns

This look is one of those seriously cute natural hairstyles for black women that just about anyone can pull off. It’s best-suited to long or medium length curly hair.

Make a centre parting and split your hair into 2 sections. Pull each section into a very high ponytail on the crown of your head, and secure with hair ties. Spray each section with Mizani 25 Miracle Milk and then twist into two loose, messy buns. Secure with hair clips.


Double braids

When it comes to natural hairstyles, braids are possibly the easiest to achieve. Keep the look fresh and on-trend with double braids! This style is best for long hair, but if you have short natural hair, you can use hair extensions to get the look.

We love Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Plaiting Pudding Cream for braided hairstyles. It contains mango oil and bamboo milk for lightweight moisture and medium hold, to keep your curls glossy and perfectly in place.

Work the cream through your hair from root to tip. Make a centre parting and separate your hair into two sections. Secure each section at the nape of your neck, applying some extra product to your parting to keep it seriously smooth and slick. Braid each ponytail, and secure with a hair tie.


A chic head scarf

Short natural hair is possibly the most difficult to style in a hurry. Our ultimate solution? Simply work a moisturising product through your hair and use your fingers to define the curls. A pretty scarf or bandanna creates structure at the front and keeps the hair out of your face. Leave the back stylishly messy.

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