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Making short styles fun and feminine

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10 December 2018
African woman with short pixie cut

Anyone who thinks short haircuts for women are masculine has no idea what they’re talking about! Short, natural hair is fun, flirty and feminine – especially if you use the right products and select the best cut for your face shape. Here are our top tips for looking and feeling like a lady, with or without lengthy locks.


Choose the right cut

Ladies with round faces look lovely with an angled bob, whereas ladies with square faces can rock short haircuts that fall just below the jawline. Oval-faced beauties should opt for a classic pixie cut, while those with a triangular-shaped face look incredible with an afro.


Add texture to the cut

Layers can help to frame the face and make a short haircut seem less harsh. A wispy fringe will also add a touch of delicate innocence to your vibe.


Short, natural hair is fun, flirty and feminine – especially if you use the right products and select the best cut for your face shape.

Julie Rimmer Matrix and Biolage National Education Manager

Pamper your hair

Longer hair can be expensive to take care of. Luckily, one of the pluses of opting for short natural hair means that you won’t have to spend nearly as much money on hair care products seeing as though they’ll last much longer. There’s no excuse not to pamper yourself in this instance. The fact of the matter is that when you feel pampered, you instantly look more beautiful.


Pay attention to your clothing

If you’re feeling girly, play up your short haircut with the clothes and accessories that you wear. Light, flowing materials and pastel colours are always sure to add a dose of femininity to your look. From an accessories perspective, you can go all out with pretty earrings, necklaces and bracelets. The more bling, the better!


Wear it with confidence

Ultimately, you can wear short hairstyles for natural hair if you wear them with confidence. After all, confident and feminine look amazing on any face shape.


Follow these simple pointers and enjoy total peace of mind knowing that whichever short hairstyles you decide to try, you’ll never fall anything short of feminine! 

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