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Hair ties for every hair type

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23 July 2018
Hair ties for every hair type : woman with Hair ties for every hair type

How much do you enjoy retying your hair every hour because it’s come loose (again)? Or worse, trying to figure out a painless removal method for tight-gripping hairbands? Yeah, not fun, but that’s why different types of hair ties exist! Here’s which one you need for your hair type.


Cotton hairbands that are stretchy and can be looped will work well for braids. You can get away with the thicker cotton bands if your braids are heavily textured or try the thinner ones for a more subtle look. For kids, ribbons and bows with hairbands are a great way to get practical as well as decorative.


Natural hair has a lot of texture, which makes it great for tying up. However, too much grip can cause breakage. The best items to use are stretchy headbands, worn towards the centre instead of the ends, letting you keep your hair well out of your face without causing breakage.


Your hair has more slip, so small, silk bands will hold your hair well without causing breakage. If you need a stronger hold, scrunchies are a slightly vintage but awesome way to get it, without those annoying bumps and dents afterwards.


Non-grip hairbands with extra stretch are perfect for a curly updo. For special nights out, you can lock in a gold hair cuff at the nape of your neck for a low ponytail just oozing with drama and glamour.


Hair rings or hair hooks will provide the grip you need to tuck every strand into place. They will also work with your weave and hairpiece. These old-school “telephone cord” rings hold hair without causing tangling as hair fits comfortably in the spiral grooves.

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