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African hairstyles to complete your gym look

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09 March 2018

Sorry, not sorry. “But it’ll mess up my hair” no longer works as an excuse to skip gym. Whether you’re a weave girl, all about natural hair, into dreads or a long-time relaxer disciple, we’ve got an exercise-appropriate style for you that’s both practical and memorably striking (i.e. not a bog-standard ponytail!). As the new year kicks off, boot camp and spin class are calling… whether you like it or not.

Bantu knots

For women with natural hair, Bantu knots are boxer chic. They make you look tough and feel powerful at the same time. They also expose a fair amount of your scalp, letting those all-important hair follicles breathe while you work up a sweat. Bantu knots are also surprisingly diverse – check out your styling options here.


Another winning style for workouts is braids. You have a hundred different options, from cornrows to box braids, plus all the funky patterns you can use for your partings. Like Bantu knots, braids are super-useful in keeping natural hair out the way and they keep your scalp cool, because sweat can evaporate from your skin more easily.


If Bantu knots are edgy, buns are cute and perky. They also have loads of style variations, so you can show off your unique personality while you’re klapping that HIIT cardio routine. Set your single bun high, drop it low or even place it to the side. Alternatively, experiment with double buns, elaborate chignons and change up the size of your bun. Whether you have natural or relaxed hair, the bun is a timeless classic for ladies who love to live active.


No matter your current style choice – whether you have relaxed hair, a weave, locs, a fantastically fluffy afro or are busy growing out your natural length – accessories add a functional and fun touch to your gym look. Keep your hair under control and away from your face with a thick headband, bandanna, scarf, or even a chunky claw clip. Whatever you choose, keep it light, so that your scalp and hair can breathe easily while you exercise.

Of course, if you want a custom style recommendation, specific to your hair type and face shape, the best thing to do is chat to the experts. Find your nearest salon here .

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